The Biden administration has just expelled Russian diplomats from Washington D.C.

Biden imposes sanctions against Russia
[U.S. President Joe Biden/Collected ]

Joe Biden's called for dialogue with the Kremlin after just signing off new sanctions against Russia. 
The broad sanctions are to punish Russia for interfering last year's U.S. election and orchestrating cyber attacks and other hostile acts. 

Moscow denies the accusations and says it will response in kind. U.S. President Joe Biden says on press conference, " Now is the time to de-escalate. The way forward is through thoughtful dialogue and diplomatic process. The U.S. is prepared to continue constructive  to move through that process. My bottom line is this, where there's an interest in the United States to work with Russia. We should and we will. Russia seeks to violate the interests of United States, we will respond. "

U.S. has expelled 10 Russian diplomats and certainly Russia will at very minimum reciprocate with that. There’s a long list of courts of American complaints against Russia from allegations of interference in presidential elections, cyber attacks, jailing of opposition political leaders, occupation of crimea and recent Donbass conflict. 

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