Should you abstain from drinking alcohol after the corona vaccination?

Drinking Alcohol after COVID-19 VACCINE

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Corona vaccine. Also, what exactly must be followed following immunization. As the number of vaccines in Germany rises, so are the number of questions. One of the first questions that should come to many people's minds is whether or not they should avoid alcohol.

Despite the fact that German brewers are selling fewer and less beer, the country consumed a remarkable 86.9 liters per inhabitant in the first year of the 2020 epidemic. Beer gardens and pubs are attracting an increasing number of visitors, especially as the weather warms up. Is it possible to salute the spades with a beer or a glass of wine on Vaccination Day?

Alcohol after the corona vaccination: are beer and wine taboo?

Above all, media stories concerning Russia's top medical officer had created a sense of unease. According to reports, Anna Popowa encouraged residents to abstain from using alcohol for at least 56 days. Tatiana Golikova, Russia's Vice Prime Minister, established a slightly shorter deadline. After injecting the corona vaccination Sputnik V, she advised abstinence for 42 days, according to Deutsche Welle.

According to Russian media sources, not all specialists in the nation agree with the extended abstention recommended. On the Twitter account "Sputnik V," for example, medical expert Alexander Gintsburg disputes these criteria, even calling them "false news." He is one of the vaccine's creators, and he underlines that only modest intake is permitted, and that abstaining from it for three days is recommended.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol after the vaccination?

Following a corona vaccine, German experts are much more comfortable about alcohol use. In the NDR podcast "Coronavirus Update," Frankfurt virologist Sandra Ciesek explained: "What is often discussed is the impact of alcohol on vaccination [...] You have to know what you're talking about when it comes to alcohol.” In general, alcohol does not appear to have a significant influence on immunological defense. So, even after immunization, beer and wine can be consumed in moderation. However, a virologist from Frankfurt advises against excessive use.

The immune system should not be overburdened with poisons if it is busy generating antibodies. In the days following immunization, it is thus suggested to drink alcohol in moderation. People who "chronically abuse alcohol. Red.] Operate" are in a "totally different" situation. Because the affected people's immune systems are already compromised due to the liver alteration. Ciesek also bows to Russia in the interview and laughs, "I don't know whether it should help public health if you don't consume booze every two months."

Corona vaccination and alcohol: bike trip to the beer garden?

Nothing, according to experts, prevents a group bike ride followed by a stop at a beer garden. "You don't have to take it easy after the immunization," the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) states in its information leaflet. If you feel fatigued or sick following the corona vaccine, you should avoid sports and alcohol.

Because the basic guideline is that you should pay attention to your own body. If he has a severe reaction to the injection with the corona vaccination, it is best to take it easy in any scenario. A shandy or a wine spritzer, as well as a handmade iced tea or iced coffee, can brighten the mood. Also, toasting works well with cups.
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