From Astrazeneca to Sputnik V, there are significant differences in the efficacy of corona vaccines, as well as between studies and manufacturer information.

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Аfter  twо  dоses,  the  рrоteсtiоn  рrоvided  by  the  widely  used  соrоnа  vассines  аgаinst  infeсtiоn  аррeаrs  tо  be  соnsiderаbly  different.  This  is  demоnstrаted  by  а  new  reseаrсh  оn  the  Оmiсrоn  vаriаtiоn  соnduсted  by  оver  50  sсientists.  It  аррeаrs  tо  be  esрeсiаlly  dаngerоus  fоr  рersоns  whо  hаve  been  immunized  with  vассines  mаnufасtured  by  Jоhnsоn  &  Jоhnsоn,  Sрutnik  V,  аnd  Sinорhаrm.

The 12 persons who received the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine showed no neutralizing antibodies to the Omicron variation two to four weeks after immunization, according to the research. The same was true for ten of the thirteen persons who received the Chinese Sinopharm vaccination.

Two to four weeks after infection, the 24 patients who got infected with the wild version of the virus initially discovered in Wuhan, China, were no longer effectively protected.

Only one in every twelve persons who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine developed neutralizing antibodies between one and 19 weeks following inoculation.

People who were vaccinated with Moderna, Biontech, or Astrazeneca vaccines, on the other hand, exhibited adequate protection against the Omicron strain. The protection against wild kinds, on the other hand, was much stronger. Antibodies against Omicron reduced the impact 33-fold (Moderna), 44-fold (Biontech), and 36-fold (Biontech) (Astrazeneca).

Omicron can more readily avoid neutralizing antibodies

According to the study, the impact of antibodies declined more slowly among vaccinated patients who had previously been sick. Overall, the researchers determined that the omicron version is more capable of evading neutralizing antibodies than prior variations.

True, the study with 170 individuals had a rather low participation rate. As a result, the transferability to the infection process in Germany is also limited. However, the findings back up experts' warnings about slacking off on vaccine efforts.

A study conducted by academics at the University of Hong Kong corroborated the findings of the Sinopharm vaccination trial. None of the 25 participants who were immunized twice had adequate antibody levels to neutralise the omicron variety.

Sinopharm stated that seven out of twenty persons who had been vaccinated twice had sufficient levels of antibodies against Omicron. According to Sinopharm, it appears to be even better for a booster: 45 out of 48 persons would have enough protection against Omicron.

The business Sputnik V claimed that the study on the efficacy of vaccinations against the Omicron variant used non-representative blood samples. In the coming days, the corporation intends to disclose its own statistics, as has Sinopharm.

Pfizer / Biontech provides adequate protection against major infections

It was previously recognized that two doses of the Biontech and Pfizer vaccine provide enough protection against severe infections during the omicron wave. This is the result of a large-scale investigation conducted by Discovery Health, a South African medical service company.

As a result, a twofold vaccine provided 70% protection against severe episodes that necessitate hospitalization and 33% protection against infection (compared to unvaccinated persons).
According to the study, during the Delta variant outbreak in South Africa, protection against infection was still 80 percent and 93 percent before hospitalization.

According to another research, the Astrazeneca vaccination is no longer efficient enough to protect against symptomatic sickness with the Omikron version after a few months. After more than a half-year, the protection drops to roughly 6%.

Cross-vaccination of Astrazeneca and Biontech vaccines

The scenario is different when persons have got a cross-vaccination with Astrazeneca and Biontech vaccines. Even months later, the protective impact is at least a third in those circumstances.

In the same trial, two Moderna vaccine doses worked just as poorly against Omicron as Astrazeneca. However, virologist Anthony Fauci of the University of California, San Francisco, stated earlier this week that the third vaccine would develop enough antibodies to kill the virus. As a result, antibodies in the laboratory rose twenty-fold following the booster vaccine.

As a result, Fauci considers that developing an adapted vaccination is unnecessary for the time being. Omicron co-discoverer Wolfgang Preiser told the press that the booster advances in South Africa would need the development of an adapted vaccination. "After that was not the case with the previous versions, it became evident with the Omicron variant that it would not be feasible to produce an adequate immune response with the present vaccines," Preiser explained.

It needs to be observed how the protective impact of the numerous vaccination boosters develops. Several investigations have found that the Omicron form not only avoids the protective effect of vaccinations, but is also substantially more infectious. According to the Hong Kong study, the Omicron version spreads up to 70 times quicker than the Delta variant in the pulmonary system.
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