On May 27, the jury will reach a verdict in the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. It is possible that the judgment will not be made by the jury for many hours or perhaps days.

Amber Heard Trial
[Amber Heard in the courtroom]

It began on a Monday in the month of April. After a period of six weeks, on a Friday in the month of May, the trial that has been widely characterized as a mudslinging trial between stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who were formerly married to one other, is finally coming to a conclusion.

Through the use of witness testimony, phone conversations, and text messages, both sides attempted to persuade the jury of the validity of their respective claims. On May 27, the attorneys will present their final arguments, and the jury will then be asked to determine whether or not Heard purposefully damaged her ex-image, partner's or whether or not Depp engaged in a "smear campaign" against his ex-wife. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know before the judgment is announced.

If the sum in question is more than $20,000 and a trial of this kind is necessary, then the law in the United States allows for anybody to have the option to have their claim heard by a jury. In the matter of Depp vs. Heard, this is the situation.

In spite of the fact that the judge is the one who makes judgments on legal matters and is in charge of chairing the hearing, it is the responsibility of the jury to gather information that are pertinent to the decision. In other words, the outcome of the litigation is determined by a group of lay judges who are picked at random by the jury.

The jury that will decide the case involving the two actors is made up of seven regular members and four alternates. After the surgery, they get together for consultative discussions.

It is not feasible to make an accurate prediction on the amount of time that will be necessary for the jury to come to a decision, according to the online publication Legal Tribune. The jury must reach a conclusion that is shared by all of its members, which might take more or less time depending on the nature of the complaint and the evidence presented. The most expeditious scenario predicts that a decision will be reached within the next several hours. However, it can take a few days.

At first sight, it seems that there are two potential outcomes: either Amber Heard or Johnny Depp might take home the award. However, it's not quite as easy as that. According to the explanation provided by the Legal Tribune Online, even if the jury is convinced that Heard faked her claims in order to frame Depp, this does not necessarily indicate that punitive damages will be granted as well. Both the jury and the judge have the authority to decide whether or not punitive damages should be awarded, as well as the amount of such damages.

It is still unknown how the losing party would respond to the ruling. This aspect of the case is still up in the air. Should Depp end up losing, he has the option to appeal the verdict in certain situations. It's the same story with Heard.

Depp Vs. Heard: The most important things summarized

A piece written by Heard that was published in the Washington Post in 2018 in response to the defamation lawsuit filed by Depp. This is the title of the article: "I took a stand against sexual assault, which brought down the fury of our society onto me. That absolutely must alter ". The author states in it, "Two years ago, I became a public figure that embodies domestic violence." [Citation needed]

She does not refer to her ex-husband by name in the article, and she does not define herself as a victim of domestic abuse in any direct way. Despite this, the actress connects the link to the divorce battle she went through in 2016. The actor who appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean accused Heard of writing an essay that was detrimental to his career and reputation.

Punitive damages to the tune of fifty million dollars are what Depp is demanding from Heard. In her counterclaim, she requests that he pay her 100 million dollars. She claims that he has harmed her reputation by asserting that she has lied about something. During the course of the trial, both parties accused the other of being violent.

For both of them it is also about the future of their professions. Before the present trial, Depp claimed he wanted to clear his reputation. Public view of the trial and the decision might harm Heard and Depp's careers. Many individuals have already made up their minds throughout the procedure .
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