Shooting kills 1, wounds 5 at CTA station Chicago

 According to a media notice sent by the Chicago Police Department, the shooting took place at around 10:40 p.m. near the 800 block of North State Street, which is located outside of the Chicago Avenue subway station and a McDonald's located at 10 E. Chicago Ave.

Police said that as of the early morning hours of Friday, one person had been confirmed dead and at least five others had sustained injuries.

According to Chief Juan Hernandez, a spokeswoman for the fire department, paramedics raced to the scene and transported five people who had been shot and one person who had suffered burn injuries to local hospitals.

According to Hernandez, the condition of one victim was described as "grave," while the conditions of the other victims who had been shot ranged from severe to critical.

Individuals watch as law enforcement and emergency medical personnel work the site of a shooting late at night at the junction of East Chicago Avenue and North State Street. At least five people were injured in the shooting.

Hernandez said that the patients were brought to the hospitals located in Illinois Masonic, Stroger, and Northwestern Memorial.

According to Hernandez, a Red Line train that was going through the region was stopped between stations while officials looked for a weapon in the subway's rails. The department evacuated the CTA passengers at around 11:30 p.m. after discovering the weapon in the rails.

On the northeast intersection of State Street and Chicago Avenue, just prior to that time, first responders were spotted taking patients from an area that was between the McDonald's and the entrance to the subway. At least two of the victims who were removed looked to have had severe injuries.

In the midst of the confusion that followed the shooting, a lady screamed at a cop who was stationed near the entrance of the station, "What hospital? It seems like my brother was shot!

During the time that cops and paramedics were working at the site, a brawl broke out between two persons on the other side of the street. A number of people broke over a line of police tape at about 11:15 p.m., clashed with policemen, and were eventually forced to retreat before being driven back.

Two different ladies were among the people who were transported away on stretchers. One patient was alert and unresponsive when emergency medical personnel lifted her into an ambulance.

Deonna Jackson, who was 18 years old at the time, had traveled to the downtown area to hang out with her pals.

Jackson shared his story, "As I was getting off the train, I saw a bunch of teenagers fighting." "The adolescents started charging at me, and as they got closer to me, they all began assaulting the same individual; they began leaping the same person."

"I'm sort of accustomed to it occurring right here, but I don't engage myself because I choose not to," she said.

Jackson extricated herself from the scrap and "made it to the corner" of the room.

At that point, a young woman approached Jackson, inquired as to what was going on, and afterwards requested her assistance, stating that she was looking for a friend who may have been engaged in the brawl. Jackson agreed to assist the young woman.

Jackson added that once someone in a white sedan drew up to them, she realized that she had "found her folks," and she then started walking toward the 7-Eleven that was located across the street.

Jackson said that there was an abrupt occurrence of gunfire. "I zipped through the 7-Eleven shop like it was nothing."

As soon as the barrage of gunfire subsided, she dashed outdoors to provide assistance to the wounded. Jackson said, "I was terrified."

According to Jackson's account, "I raced toward the victims who were laying on the roadway." They were standing on the sidewalk in front of the McDonald's when the attack occurred.

Jackson said that at least one of the persons who had been shot seemed to be a guy in his 20s, while the most of the others were probably teenagers. Jackson identified another victim as a lady around the age of 60 who often asked passersby for spare cash at that intersection. She may have been destitute.

According to Jackson, who said that she observed the lady, who was only partly dressed, walking out of the station with injuries to her back, it is possible that the woman was hurt by the third rail of the CTA, which caused her to suffer burns.

Jackson did not use the CTA since service was still suspended in that region when he eventually arrived home at approximately 2:30 in the morning.

In a text message, Jackson expressed his confusion by saying, "My brain is literally spinning right now."

In a tweet sent out soon after 11 o'clock, Chicago Police spokesman Tom Ahern said that there were no suspects in custody.

Source: Chicago Tribune 

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