Public order difficulties before the Champions League final in Paris also led kick-offs to be postponed by more than 30 minutes: hundreds of wounded and dozens of arrests.

What happened outside the Stade de France
Stade de France riot

The events that took place before yesterday's Champions League final match in Paris, which Real Madrid's Carlo Ancelotti and his team ultimately won, left an indelible impression on the tournament itself. There were many moments of tension before the start of the game outside the Stade de France in Paris between members of the public who had crowded to the stadium gates and the police, which also led to fights between the two groups. Because of these inconvenient circumstances, the start of the race, which was supposed to take place at 21, has been delayed by around 35 minutes.

When Liverpool supporters tried to enter the stadium using a ramp going to gate U on the west side of the facility, which was designated exclusively for them, they were directed into a funnel at the entrance gates. This happened whether or not the supporters had tickets. The mob was met with tear gas and pepper spray as the French police opened fire. Outside of the stadium, the police have put up blocks with vehicles in front of the ramp that crosses under the freeway in an effort to slow down the flow of supporters. Inside the stadium, Liverpool and Real Madrid have resumed their pregame warmups after receiving the word that the game would be postponed. The police have lost control of the situation, which is leading the audience that is waiting in line to feel pressure since they are concerned about not allowing the supporters through without a ticket. To everyone's relief, the audience maintained its composure, and there was no tension between the English and Spanish supporters.

Marvin Matip, the brother of Reds defender Joel Matip, spoke to the microphones of Sky Germany about the situation outside the gates of the Parisian stadium. He explained how the police had lost control of the situation and started shooting tear gas on the crowd, even in areas like the family area, where no fans were involved in the pre-match unrest. "Organization unbefitting of a Champions League final," railed Matip's brother, who was forced to evacuate and seek sanctuary in a neighboring restaurant with his pregnant wife. Matip's brother was forced to flee and was forced to find refuge in the restaurant.

68 people were taken into custody as a result of the violence and disturbances that broke out yesterday night outside of the Stade de France, which hosted the Champions League final match between Liverpool and Real Madrid. During the wee hours of the morning, it was relayed by the prefecture of the capital city of France. According to the local media, there were also 238 wounded. "a handful of ticketless supporters got fraudulent tickets and obstructed entrance to the Stade de France," according to the local police.

"The turnstiles in the section of the stadium that was filled by Liverpool supporters were blocked by hundreds of ultras who had purchased counterfeit tickets that were invalid. This resulted in a line of supporters waiting to get into the venue. As a direct consequence of this, the start of the event was put off by thirty-five minutes so that as many genuine ticket holders as possible could attend ". Riots broke out outside the Stade de France in Paris, which resulted in the postponement of the beginning of the Champions League final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. UEFA has issued an official statement in which it explains its perspective on the events that transpired. "After kickoff, as the number of people outside the stadium swelled, the police dispersed them using tear gas, forcing them to leave the stadium," UEFA continued.

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