In the case involving Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is getting a lot of support from people online. It has been reported that several Hollywood celebrities are reluctant to speak out in support of Heard.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
[Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the courtroom]

The continuing legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who are both actors and were formerly married to each other, has lately reached another peculiar climax: A lady shouted across the audience that she loved Johnny, that their souls were joined, and that the baby they had brought with them belonged to him during a break in the proceedings of the court. According to a court reporter working for the American television show Law & Crime, this is how it was portrayed. It's possible that those who were there saw the confession of a Johnny Depp superfan, but whatever of the woman's real reason, there's one thing that's a given:

The former movie diva has a sizable following of ardent followers who are devoted to her hero, an actress whose career is now in ruins: In 2011, the enormous fee as Captain Jack Sparrow played a significant part in Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides, which is probably the most expensive film that has ever been made. A few years later, the Disney and Warner film studios severed their ties in the wake of Heard's allegations of abuse by Depp. In the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts film series, he was unable to reprise his famous role as Captain Jack Sparrow and was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen.

However, the majority of Johnny Depp's supporters may be found following him on social media websites like Twitter and TikTok. This support, when shown in sufficient numbers, turns into an unambiguous rejection of Amber Heard, who is suspected of lying about her assault charges. 

The breadth of support for Depp goes from simple solidarity to intense animosity connected to Heard, and at times it perpetuates the patriarchal notion of women who intentionally injure men by making false allegations against them.

On the social network TikTok, which is quite popular among young people, there are a lot of video snippets from the defamation process going around in which Johnny Depp is praised in a glowing manner. In several other videos, Heard may be seen being represented as a cunning liar. Even if the actress, who is most known for her role in the superhero movie "Aquaman," does have her fans, the data plainly reveal that the power balance is in favor of Johnny Depp:

The hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp on TikTok has received 15.7 billion views, but the hashtag #justiceforamberheard has received just 52 million views. This strong sentiment in support of Johnny Depp, in which some followers, according to the New York Post, have even sent hate mail and death threats against Amber Heard, may be frightening, and it seems that this sentiment is shared in Hollywood as well.

At least in terms of public solidarity, the amount of support that Amber Heard receives from her other actors is really minimal. This is according to the May 23 edition of "The Ankler," an industry publication that has an extensive and well-connected network. According to the article, Heard would have gotten a lot of support from Hollywood actresses privately - which means that she presumably via calls and chat messages - but public professions of sympathy remained the exception because of fear of "Depp's social media army." As supporters, the names of actresses Kathy Griffin and Julia Fox, as well as radio host and cult moderator Howard Stern, have been mentioned.

Therefore, there is a significant amount of quiet in Hollywood. An unnamed insider shared their thoughts with Ankler, saying, "The Johnny Depp machine is wild and they don't want to be caught up in the fire." If you choose to side with Amber Heard over yourself, there is a risk that your acting career may suffer as a result. And the success of the profession is also dependent on whether or not the audience members go to the movies or subscribe to streaming services.

The most significant aspects of the battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are outlined here:

★Ex-spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have accused each other of defamation in the lawsuit.

★He accuses her of fabricating the allegations of domestic violence against him – and she sees it as slander.

★Depp's lawsuit stems from a 2018 Washington Post article by Heard.

★The article is titled “I spoke out against sexual violence – and drew the wrath of our culture. That needs to change".

★Depp isn't named in the article, but referring to the 2016 divorce process, Heard wrote in 2018: "Two years ago I became a public figure who represents domestic abuse."

★Depp is demanding $50 million in damages from his ex-wife in the ongoing defamation process, and she is demanding $100 million from him.

★On May 27, both sides will hold their closing arguments, after which a jury will deliberate and reach a verdict.

★It is not yet clear how long the jury will need for this.

Both of their professional trajectories are in jeopardy, and the verdict and how it is received by the public will likely have a significant impact on where their careers go from here. However, a significant number of the supporters have already reached their conclusion.
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