The chemical explosion at Bangladeshi container depot killed 49 so far, wounded 300+ people.

Explosion in Bangladesh

A terrible explosion that occurred at a container yard in Sitakunda has resulted in the deaths of at least 49 individuals. The information was verified by Chittagong Medical College Hospital as well as by sources inside the police department. According to the fire department, one of the victims was a worker.

The explosion caused more than 300 persons to suffer injuries. Workers at the depot, as well as personnel of the police and fire departments, were among those who lost their lives.

The explosion took occurred at around 11:15 p.m. on Saturday night, after the outbreak of a fire earlier in the evening. Chittagong Medical College Hospital was where the wounded were taken to be treated.

Since yesterday night until the latest information was obtained this morning, the number of fatalities has increased to 49.

A residence around four kilometers distant had its windows smashed as a result of the explosion that occurred at the container yard.

A residence around four kilometers distant had its windows smashed as a result of the explosion that occurred at the container yard.

The identities of a significant number of those who had perished remained unknown. The Sitakunda Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Sumon Banik said to the media that one of their police constables, Tuhin, had one of his legs amputated as a result of the explosion. At least five other constables, the sub-inspector (SI) of the Fauzdarhat police outpost, Motahar Hossain, and numerous members of the industrial police were hurt in the incident. In addition to this, it was established that a member of the fire department sustained an injury.

This morning, members of the fire department also retrieved the corpses of six persons who had been trapped inside the container yard in Sitakunda. The Chittagong Medical College Hospital is receiving the deceased patients at this time.

However, only the identities of three of the victims that were discovered from inside the depot were recognized, and the names of the other dead remained unknown. One of the people that perished was a fireman.

Huge combustible chemicals at Sitakunda depot

A substantial quantity of a flammable substance known as "hydrogen peroxide" is stored in the BM container depot at Sitakunda, which is located in Chittagong. Conversations with members of the fire department and the workers at the depot provided the basis for obtaining this information.

Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of substance that may be found in chemistry. Hydrogen peroxide undergoes an explosive breakdown when subjected to heat in the process of thermal decomposition.

After speaking with staff at the depot, it was discovered that the depot houses a tin shed that is 500 meters in length. A substance known as hydrogen peroxide may be found inside the storage shed. These are sent out to other countries. This depot is used to store hydrogen peroxide that was manufactured at the Al-Razi Chemical Complex in Thandachhari, which is located in Hathazari.

Anisur Rahman, Deputy Director of the Fire Service in Chittagong, was quoted in Bangladeshi newspaper Prothom Alo as saying that the container depot included a significant quantity of a chemical known as hydrogen peroxide. However, it has not yet been determined what exactly caused the explosion to occur. The fire is now being fought with the intention of putting it out. But they won't be able to go around. After some time had passed, the sound of an explosion could be heard emanating from inside.

At first inspection, it seems as if the whole roof of the 500-meter shed that was located within the depot had been blown off. Broken chunks of tin may be seen strewn throughout the area.

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