Scholz does an inspection of the Siemens gas turbine, Schroder maintains hope for a "negotiated solution" to the conflict in Ukraine, and a disagreement arises about the gas turbine.

How Biden allegedly prevented China's intervention in Ukraine
[U.S President Joe Biden]

It is quite unusual to find three scoops in a single article. The American writer and columnist for "The New York Times," Thomas L. Friedman, seems to have been successful. In his most recent column, which can be found here, he describes almost as an aside how, first, Joe Biden personally dissuaded Chinese President Xi from supporting Putin in Ukraine with weapons in a telephone call; second, there is a crisis between Washington and Kiev; and third, Putin is ready to use a tactical atomic bomb in the Ukraine war. All of these events took place almost simultaneously.

It is hardly surprising that the essay, which was originally devoted to Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, made a stir all over the globe. Friedman, who has been writing on US foreign policy for more than 20 years and is seen to be extremely well informed, does not cite any particular sources for his remarks. However, Friedman is believed to be very well informed. He often makes reference to "personal discussions" and cites "high-ranking US officials" as his sources.

As a result, it is challenging to determine the degree to which the information may be trusted. In any event, nobody in Kyiv likes to hear that ties between Ukraine and the United States are deteriorating for one reason or another. In an interview with the Tagesspiegel, one of President Zelenskyy's aides by the name of Mykhailo Podolyak said that there were no differences between the two regimes. In point of fact, the general staffs, ministries, and advisers of the two nations meet virtually for hours at a time with each other on a regular basis to discuss and debate the direction that the conflict is taking and to share their perspectives on how best to continue.

On the other hand, contrary to what is often believed, there is no evidence that China has actually sent any weaponry to Moscow in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. Despite the fact that Xi has referred to Putin as his "best friend and colleague," this continued to be the case. Friedman asserts that Biden conveyed to Xi the threat of severing economic ties with the United States and the European Union in the event that Xi took Russia's side in a military conflict. It would seem that China is more concerned with the economic consequences of foreign policy than is Moscow.

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