A video that was uploaded to social networks and shared by Paul Pogba's brother Mathias has sparked controversy by implying that the star player for Juventus is being threatened with blackmail. The topic's questions and answers that are considered to be the most vital.

Paul Pogba
[Paul Pogba]

Is Paul Pogba being blackmailed by his brother?

Over the course of the weekend, Mathias Pogba, who is the elder brother of Paul Pogba, who won the world championship, shared a peculiar video across all of his social media networks. Pogba revealed what he called "explosive" information about his brother in the video. Paul Pogba has released his own statement in which he says that a group has "threatened and sought to blackmail" him. About a month ago, this information was shared with the authorities in both France and Italy.

According to France Info, Pogba was set up for a robbery in March of this year by two of his boyhood pals together with two unidentified guys wearing hoods and equipped with assault guns. Allegedly, the gang requested 13 million euros from him in exchange for the services they had provided and reassured him that they had looked out for him for many years. According to reports, Pogba was able to identify his brother Mathias as one of the suspects.

What is Pogba's brother's video about?

Mathias Pogba gives signals in the video itself that he could wish to reveal information about his brother, Paul Pogba, that, while it is reasonable, has the potential to at least impair Paul Pogba's career.

To be more specific, Mathias Pogba is heard saying in the video: "The public in France, England, Italy, and Spain, in other words the entire world, as well as my brother's fans and even more so the French team and Juventus, my brother's team-mates, and his sponsors deserve to know certain things in order to be able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not he deserves the admiration, respect, and love of the public, whether or not he deserves his place in the French team and the honor of taking part in the World Cup, and whether or not he deserves Is he the kind of dependable companion that each player needs and deserves to have at their side?"

What role does Kylian Mbappé play in this?

Mathias Pogba's video features not only his father Paul Pogba but also the superstar of Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé. He is a member of the French national team and plays with Paul Pogba. Mathias Pogba has brought up certain articles that allegedly contain information regarding Mbappé. He stated, "I will tell you very significant things about him, and there will be components and many testimonials that will validate my statements." "I am going to tell you extremely essential things about him," he said.

France Info asserts that Mbappé does not play a significant role in the investigation at hand. Instead, it is said that Pogba told investigators that the accused blackmailers intend to tarnish him by disseminating messages that he is supposed to have requested an acquaintance near him to bewitch Mbappé. Pogba is said to have disclosed this information to detectives. Paul Pogba, on the other hand, refutes this.

What is the relationship between Pogba and his brother?

Both Mathias and Florentin Pogba were born in Guinea in 1990, and both have a twin brother named Mathias. Paul was born in 1993, a year after the family had relocated to France. Since then, Paul and Mathias have maintained a close relationship, and prior to the occurrence in March, both of them had been calling each other on a consistent basis. Following Paul's move to the youth program at Manchester United in 2009, Mathias moved to the island a year later to play soccer, first for a club in Wales and then for a side in the English third division called Crewe Alexandra.

Throughout the European Championship that took place a year ago, reports indicate that Mathias watched practically every game of the French national team in the stadium from the family stand. He was known for his enthusiastic behavior during the tournament.

It was said that the initial efforts at intimidating Paul Pogba took place in March of this year, during a break for international competition. Pogba took advantage of the vacation to visit with his family. It is alleged that acquaintances enticed him into a flat in Paris, which is most likely where the romance first started. After the statement that was released by Paul Pogba's legal team, Mathias made another public statement in which he said that Paul had lied to the police.
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