An American visitor once said, "I couldn't come here without playing funk." While he is shirtless dancing with other dancers, he shares messages of love and optimism with the audience. The participation of the kid, who is one year old, ensured that there would be a sweet moment throughout the evening.

jason derula at rock in rio
[Jason Derula at Rock in Rio 2022/AP]

During his concert on Saturday (3) at the World Stage of Rock in Rio, Jason Derulo shocked the audience when he asked the band to cease performing the smash song "1, 2, 3" with Sofia Reyes.

The interruption was made with the intention of making a joke about Brazil. The American singer, who is 32 years old, said that she couldn't come to this country without performing funk music since she loves it.

The song "Ai Preto," which was produced by Bianca, Dj Furduncinho, and L7nnon, began to play at that point. The moment didn't last long, but it was just long enough to get the audience excited. The song is now ranked sixth on the overall most popular songs on Spotify in Brazil.

The performance that Derulo puts on is quite theatrical, and there are points throughout it that alternate between seeming like a therapy session and a ballad. In reference to the epidemic, she asks the group, "Doesn't it feel nice to be out of the home right now?"

"When the rhythm becomes faster, I want you to cast off any and all negative thoughts. Are you ready? ", he remarked at a different time.

The American performer presents a show that, due to the presence of more than 10 dancers on stage, will not be performed more than a few times throughout the festival.

He dances till he is sweating and spends more than half of the concert shirtless, all the while having a microphone shoved in his face. In addition to that, it is not a hoax; he can really dance. Spins, pirouettes, and intricate choreographies, whether performed with the ballet or on one's own, whether standing or on the floor, are certain to achieve this.

On the Mundo Stage, Jason Derulo questioned the audience with ten minutes left of his performance, "Does anybody here follow me on TikTok?"

Even before the event got going, the American singer advertised her upcoming performance there. Even if you just provide standard music, your app ensures that you remain competitive in the market.

Before beginning to perform "Savage Love," a song that became a massive hit on the platform in 2020 and climbed to the top spot on the Billboard top chart the same year, he posed this question to the audience.

Because Post Malone will be performing as the festival's headlining act on Saturday, it is reasonable to assume that this will be one of the days at the event when there will be a younger crowd and more parents and children in attendance.

When Derulo's kid, who is just one year old, joins him on stage, he creates an adorable moment for the whole family.

"Bring my guy here," he tells the other person. Nobody in Rock City would be able to say no to anything so adorable. While holding the infant in his arms, Derulo performs the song "Trumpets."

With "Swalla," a duet with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, "Talk Dirty," a smash that brought his name definitively into the public in 2013, and "Want To Want Me," he moves into the closing section of the concert, which was better than anticipated.
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