It is unclear how long the submarine has been operating in the region, but the Italian Defense Ministry was previously aware of the activities of Russian assets in the Mediterranean region.

russian submarine in mediterranian

A nuclear-powered submarine from Russia would be discovered in Italian seas, between the islands of Malta and Sicily. According to a report that was published today by NavalNews, the vessel in question would be an assault submarine, most likely armed with cruise missiles. According to the online daily, it is unknown how long the submarine has been operating in the region, but it is possible that it was sent there to replace the Russian cruiser Marshal Ustinov, which departed the Mediterranean on August 24.

"According to the article that was published in NavalNews, the kind of submarine that was seen is now unknown. We have no doubt that it operates on nuclear power. Submarines fueled by nuclear reactors have been stationed in the Mediterranean Sea by Russia before, although on an infrequent basis. Within the parameters of the present discussion, it is connected to the conflict in Ukraine. In addition, in regard to the current tensions that have arisen between Serbia and Kosovo ".

However, the Italian Defense was already aware of the movements of Russian units in the Mediterranean, and they specified in a note that the submarine is making a transit in international waters without violating the sovereignty of the coastal states. This information was provided after the Italian Defense made the statement.

According to the Russian publication BlackSeaNews, the vessel in question would be the submarine K-266 Orel, which is a member of the Oscar II class and is still in use with the Russian Northern Fleet. This vehicle was upgraded in 2017 so that it could be equipped with Onyx missiles. Yesterday, for many hours, in the region where the presence of the Russian submarine was discovered, there was seen to be a significant amount of activity by the American air force.

On Friday, there would have been a significant amount of US Navy patrol aircraft engaged in active activity in the waters between Malta and Sicily for many hours. Two fighter planes zeroed down on a very small area of water and continued to fly over it in a pattern of concentric circles. Maneuvers that might provide evidence that a submarine is being sought out. The nuclear boats navigate the depths of the ocean without ever leaving a trace and never having to surface. The only reliable method of determining who they are is via the examination of radio broadcasts or the investigation of the antennas of the periscopes.
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