A new iteration of the "pro" controller for the Xbox was released by Microsoft recently.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller
[Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller]

Xbox has introduced a brand new wireless controller known as the Elite Series 2 - Core. It is a cheaper variation of the popular Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, now in white and without attachments, which may be bought separately.

The redesigned, more durable Controller Core has adjustable tension sticks, rounder rubber grips, and shorter trigger blocks. It also enables a wide range of customization choices, including one-of-a-kind button mapping possibilities inside the Xbox Accessories app. In point of fact, the controller supports the storage of up to three distinct user profiles, making it simple to switch between different configurations.

You are able to completely immerse yourself in lengthy gaming sessions without having to take breaks thanks to the rechargeable battery, which has a life span of up to 40 hours, and the extra components, which are offered separately but are designed to follow the user throughout time.

Controller works flawlessly with all Xbox Series X | S consoles, as well as Xbox One, PCs, and mobile devices.

Orders for the Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox Series 2 - Core, which comes in white and costs 129.99 euros, may be placed now; the product will be available for purchase beginning on September 21 of the following year.

Beginning on the 21st of next September, the individual components of the whole component package will be made available on the market in Italy at a price of 59.99 euros each. The package comes with a basic interchangeable D-pad, four different types of interchangeable analog sticks (two traditional and one high and one rounded), two different sizes of rear analog sticks (medium and tiny), a carrying case, a charging station, and a USB-C connection.
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