Fans of singer Sherine Abdel Wahab's official Facebook page recently shared a screenshot showing Sherine's cancellation of following all the celebrities and keeping only the follow-up of her ex-husband Hossam Habib, which they interpreted as a message from Sherine, who is currently in a psychiatric hospital for addiction treatment at her brother's behest and, as many have assured us, against Her will.

Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel's Facebook page
[Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel's Facebook page]

According to those close to Sherine Abdel Wahab, who have confirmed to "Madam Net" that she has not changed any settings on her official page on the Facebook site despite the fact that she does not have access to a mobile phone while in the clinic as per a decision made by her treating team, the story has been largely unaffected by the withdrawal of the patient's phone.

The same sources also confirmed that before Sherine entered the psychiatric hospital, she only interacted with her fans directly through her Twitter account, and that in the last three months, she has only interacted with her fans directly through her Instagram account to manage the "Ask Sherine" dialogues, but that she has no control over her Facebook page, which is managed by Facebook's business team and may be viewed by third parties at any time.

The doctor decided to keep her away from any influences that might cause a deterioration in her psychological condition, including the mobile phone, television, newspapers, and magazines, and Sherine currently has no chance to follow up, according to the sources. She communicated with her two daughters only once, using the mobile phone of one of her medical team members. I'm at a loss for what to write.

She also said that Sherine has no idea that her mother spoke to Amr Adib on the phone, that her brother announced that she was receiving treatment for her addiction, that she has no idea what Hossam Habib has said recently about her, that she has not been informed of the intervention by Sarah Al-Tabbakh, and that she is not permitted to visit.

The source confirmed that Sherine's health began to stabilize after she accepted the idea of addiction treatment, and said she is still being held by a decision of the Egyptian Public Prosecution, noting that there is a ban on transferring any information from the reality of her medical file, except through an official statement that the Egyptian Public Prosecution will issue within the days. The next several days, in particular given the ongoing inquiry into the complaint lodged by Shireen's attorney against her brother.

My wife confirmed the authenticity of the photo circulating online showing Sherine in a hospital bed when she had a pulmonary crisis during one of her performances in 2017 when pyrotechnics were used, but there is no more current photo of Sherine at the mental clinic.
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