The tragic event took place in Itaewon, a neighborhood in the capital city of South Korea known for its vibrant nightlife. An emergency meeting has been convened by the President, Yon Suk-yeol.

Seoul Halloween Stampede
[Seoul Halloween Stampede]

During the Halloween festivities that took place in Seoul on Sunday night, at least 151 individuals lost their lives including 19 foreigners and another 150 were wounded. According to the South Korean news outlet Yonhap, which cited information received from the relevant authorities, this occurred.

According to the information, there is a possibility that the number of fatalities may rise even more. The majority of those who were impacted were young individuals. In the early morning hours, the deceased were moved to a sports hall so that they could be recognized by members of their respective families.

After people apparently rushed into a tiny side street in the Itaewon nightlife district, the tragedy took place in the busy area of the neighborhood. At first, the specific events leading up to the disaster were not quite evident. Yonhap said that there were rumblings of a possible stampede.

Reports from witnesses indicate that the areas around the scene of the accident were very congested, to the point that emergency responders had a difficult time making their way through the masses. Videos that were uploaded to the internet and shared on social media sites showed scores of individuals laying by the side of the road while wearing blue plastic sheeting.

According to Yonhap, the emergency personnel attempted to bring back to life more than fifty different individuals. As a direct result of this, there were a total of 142 rescue vehicles on the scene.

One of the most well-attended and well-known events for the general public in Seoul is the annual Halloween Festival. This year's celebration came place a short time after the security measures were, for the most part, loosened up. More than 100,000 people reportedly participated in the march to the Itaewon District, the majority of whom were attired in costumes appropriate for Halloween. One lady remarked on her Instagram account that "this year was simply wild" in describing the crowds in Itaewon. "Itaewon is really busy every year," the woman said.

On Sunday evening, President Yoon Suk-yeol presided over an emergency meeting that was called. Ahead of that, he issued orders for more first responders to be sent to the region and for hospital beds to be made ready. According to Yonhap, Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul, who is presently traveling around Europe, has called off all of his planned meetings and said that he would be returning immediately. At first, the specific factors that led to the disaster were not completely understood.
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