The former member of the Backstreet Boys was always in the forefront of the tragedy that befell the Carter family.

Aaron Carter death
[Aaron Carter death]

While the world is still reeling from the passing of singer and actor Aaron Carter, brother of Nick Carter, former member of the Backstreet Boys, who was discovered drowned in the bathtub of his home, at this time what was the tragedy of a family that in 2012 had already lost another one of its members: Leslie, sister of both the deceased Aaron and Nick Carter, who was found to have drowned in the bathtub of his home.

Leslie Carter passed away in 2012 at the age of 25 due to an overdose of prescription medication. On the day of her funeral, Carter performed a performance that was planned around seven hours after the funeral of her sister.

In a message that Carter wrote in 2013, he said that on the day Leslie passed away, his father contacted him to deliver him the news and that "immediately the topic shifted not to her death or the actual passing and what had occurred... Then I began getting blamed." for the rest of the family.

According to Carter, his connection with his four brothers had been "toxic" from the very beginning. And he added, "It's hard when you come from a background like that and a household that's truly a roller coaster." (And he came from a background like that.) In 2006, the brothers appeared in the program "House of Carters," which was produced for television.

"There is without a doubt a portion of me that laid the responsibility on myself. According to Nick Carter, "I believe it's because of the duty that I took on as the eldest member of my family, (and) maybe shouldn't have taken on."

Aaron Carter's death

Aaron Carter, the brother of Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys, was discovered dead on this Saturday. He had drowned in the bathtub of his home in the city of Lancaster, which is located in the county of Los Angeles in the state of California, according to TMZ, a media outlet that specializes in reporting on celebrities.

The news of his passing was reported to the American press at a later time by a representative of his brother, although the official cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

Carter (Florida, 1987) started performing at a young age, opening for his older brother's band when he was only 10 years old. At such a young age, he published his first album, which held his own name, and turned it into a gold record.

In the year 2000, the younger brother of Nick Carter extended his record production with the release of "Come and Get It." This single established the foundations of his style, which is related to electronic music and "dance," and had such an effect that it was awarded the status of triple platinum.

As an actor, Carter has appeared in shows like "Lizzie McGuire" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," as well as other "reality" programs like "Dancing With the Stars." Additionally, he has starred in an unscripted family series called "E! House of Carters," and he has even performed on Broadway with "Seussical the Musical."

Because of his status as a heartthrob and the several personal scandals in which he was engaged, the picture of Aaron Carter was often used in heart-themed television shows.

Alcohol and marijuana had wreaked havoc on his body, causing him to lose custody of his son Prince and force him to check himself into many rehabilitation clinics in an effort to kick his addiction.

His creative output suffered as a result of this circumstance, and as a result, his most recent album, titled "L.V.," was released in 2018.

Aside from that, he also had family issues with Nick himself, who in 2019 obtained a restraining order against him, stating that he threatened to murder his pregnant wife and kid if he didn't get his way. In addition, he also had conflicts with other family members.
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