Marine Le Pen resigned as leader of the far-right National Front Party on November 5th, 2022. Frontist supporters there overwhelmingly backed her in 2011 over Bruno Gollnisch, allowing her to succeed her late father as leader of the party. However, her ascension also marked the beginning of a campaign to demonize the National Front, as it was then known. At the helm of the movement presently is 27-year-old MEP Jordan Bardella. Marine Le Pen keeps the National Assembly's Elysian aspirations at the front of her political agenda.

Jordan Bardella
[National Rally new president Jordan Bardella]

Since Jordan Bardella has held the position of president of the National Rally, which does not carry the name of Le Pen, for the past fifty years, one would wonder how this will make him a different president. He responds by saying that this is a significant time in the history of French politics as well as the history of their cause. He is of the opinion that the National Rally is now the most significant popular movement in the nation and the leading opposition force. Jordan Bardella makes it clear that his objective will be to carry on the work that Marine Le Pen began, to guide the National Rally to power, and most importantly, to have it ready to carry out its obligations as soon as it gets there.

In light of the fact that one of its representatives was kicked out of the National Assembly for comments he made about immigrants who had been shipwrecked in the Mediterranean, the National Rally has contested the notion that his sentencing was racially motivated. Furthermore, Jordan Bardella acknowledges that there was "a misunderstanding and probably a clumsiness," but he insists that "our deputy was basically right." He also adds that "the government, which is allied to the extreme left of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, tries to intimidate the opposition and prevent us from addressing the issue of immigration."

Jordan Bardella also wanted to show support for the fact that his party wants to be the opposing force to Emmanuel Macron and that he came to carry "this message, at the same time, of hope, confidence, and mobilization for the French by reminding them that what they are experiencing on purchasing power, on pensions, on immigration, and insecurity is the consequence of political choices. And that by changing policies and doing what has never been done in the last four decades, namely bringing patriots to power, we will be able to alter everything and better their day-to-day lives."

Source: TF1
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