Tim Burton has signed his first series, "Wednesday," about the nasty adolescent teenager from the Addams family. Franceinfo has seen the first two episodes of the series, which will be accessible on Netflix on November 23, 2022.

mercredi the wednesday netflix
[Mercredi(Wednesday) 2022 on Netflix]

Tim Burton has immersed himself in a macabre realm that he adores: that of The Addams Family. The director, who has a vast universe, has decided to depict the narrative of Wednesday, the family's gothic and wicked adolescent. Tim Burton helmed the first four episodes of this eight-part series after leaving for Romania for a year to film. For the first time, the American filmmaker is experimenting with the genre of adolescent series with Netflix sauce.

Wednesday, played by the imposing Jenna Ortega, comes at Nevermore Academy, a school for disadvantaged children with talents like her, after being expelled from all of her previous schools for martyring her peers. She is swiftly confronted with a string of killings and begins to investigate. The series then weaves together many intrigues revolving around dark family secrets, criminal investigations, and juvenile tales.

Wednesday transports us to a wonderful realm complete with a Harry Potter-style boarding school. Werewolves, mermaids, gorgons, and other supernatural beings coexist at this school, each with its unique set of abilities. The series takes us on a thrilling story full of twists and well-crafted puzzles in this rich atmosphere full of mysteries. We also enjoy Tim Burton's creepy humor, which includes macabre puns and the famous Wednesday sarcasm.

Fans of the 1991 picture, on the other hand, may be disappointed if they wish to entirely explore The Addams Family universe. To appeal to a younger audience, the "Wednesday" series revisits and modernizes this comic and Gothic milieu. The series is obviously smoothed down in comparison to the original, but this helps it to fit into the Netflix adolescent series norms.

The stunning Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega
[Jenna Ortega]

The series' primary strength is also Jenna Ortega, who was recently seen in the final installment of Scream (2022). The actress appears to be tailor-made for this part, judging by her body, facial expressions, and tongue-in-cheek demeanor. His strong lines make us chuckle, and his face manages to elicit feelings even when he is not speaking. As a result, we take great joy in following this devilish and "badass" heroine.
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