Asala, the artist, confirmed on her Twitter page her involvement in the "Sound of the Earth Night," which is dedicated to remembering the late artist Talal Maddah.

Asala announces participation in Sound of the Earth Night

"With all delight and pride, I will be participating in this honors night for Khaled's work, which the years have made him more bright," the Syrian artist stated.

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, called on singing stars in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and the Arab world to participate in "Talal Maddah's Night," and a large number of male and female artists interacted with his tweet, in which he said: "Any artist who participates On the night of Talal Maddah, may God have mercy on him, he will have a special appreciation from me. And I will add that anyone participates will consider myself personally honored following Talal's kindness, may God have compassion on him. The invitation is extended to all of the Kingdom's and Arab Gulf's stars.

It is worth noting that Asala was recently awarded at the Joy Awards event in its third edition at the Bakr Al-Shiddi Theater in the "Riyadh City Boulevard" region, where she received the prize for best song for her work "Thank you." She congratulated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the commission's chairman after receiving it. General Entertainment for recognizing her, stating, "Thank you very much, we are accustomed to being recognized from Saudi Arabia."

She also said on Twitter: "Yesterday's unconventional celebration made me extremely pleased, and some of the accolades astounded and moved me deeply. What we witnessed yesterday is an incident that is rapidly spreading and increasing. Saudi Arabia has been able to reward any artist who desires to receive it, and this award has inspired us to redouble our efforts and care more deeply about what we provide ".
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