In Gölcük, Kocaeli, an explosion happened in a three-story apartment. The explosion, which is likely to have been triggered by natural gas, injured five persons, two of whom were critically injured.

Gölcük Sondakika
Gölcük Sondakika

A natural gas explosion in a three-story apartment building in Kocaeli injured five individuals, two of whom were critically injured.

 A natural gas explosion happened in the residence where Mikdat Ç(41) and his mother Hanm A (65) resided for an unexplained cause.

Following the notification, the fire department, health department, police, zmit Gaz Datm A (ZGAZ), and Sakarya Elektrik Datm A (SEDA) teams were called to the scene.

Three of the five wounded people who were carried to the hospital by ambulance by the medical personnel that arrived on the scene were released following their tests.

Mikdat was hurt in the residence where the explosion occurred. Ms. A's and her mother's condition was discovered to be critical.

Among the injured, Hanım A was transferred to Derince Training and Research Hospital.

The electricity and natural gas flow, which was cut off for a while after the explosion , was restored after the controls.

In case of leaking, the crews evacuated the flat where the explosion happened as well as two nearby units. An apartment was issued an admission permit after the relevant inspections were completed.

Some automobiles in the immediate vicinity were also damaged.

Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz also tweeted on his social media account that the two injured persons are still being treated at the hospital and that inquiries and investigations are continuing under the direction of the governorship. According to the governor's office, following the natural gas explosion warning, a sufficient number of security, firemen, and ambulances were deployed in the region.

The injured were being treated at Necati elik State Hospital, according to the statement, and the building was evacuated for safety reasons in accordance with the authorized units' operations in the building.

Source: NTV
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