After being accused of maltreatment, 'Rick and Morty' casts its co-creator Justin Roiland, but the show will go on without him and its two heroes will alter their voices.

Rick and Morty: Adult Swim fires Justin Roiland over domestic violence allegations

Whether we like it or not, it is indisputable that 'Rick and Morty' was a revolution in the landscape of adolescent pop culture when it first aired. Dan Harmon was already well-known for his work on 'Community,' but Justin Roiland jumped from nothing (he'd written a few episodes of 'Adventure Time' and 'Gravity Falls') to success, ensuring he was the one person no one could dismiss. of the series: in addition to being co-creator and scriptwriter, he also provided the voices of the two protagonists. However, nothing lasts forever.

Justin Roiland was accused with domestic assault, including physical injury and false detention by threat, in May 2020. According to his girlfriend at the time (whose specifics have not been revealed, thus she is known as the Jane Doe to preserve her privacy), the events occurred in January, and Roiland pled not guilty.

Because justice moves at its own speed, the general public only learned of the news a few weeks ago: the case will be reconvened on April 27, and Adult Swim does not want Roiland to destroy the image of its most popular series in recent times. As a result, he has chosen to cast him out on the street, as he declared in a tweet.

"Adult Swim has parted ways with Justin Roiland. Rick and Morty will return. Season 7 is being worked on by a talented and devoted staff "According to the statement. It should be noted that the series will, at the absolute least, continue through season 10 after they reached an agreement with the network for 70 new episodes in 2018, which are being supplied gradually. This next batch will be broadcast without Roiland's voice or texts, which will be a godsend for those who are tired of hearing the melodramatic voices of the characters, and a curse for others who have lost much of the traction they had in the start.

Season 6 was a modest improvement over the previous two 'Rick and Morty' seasons, although whether or not this was due to Roiland's influence remains to be seen. We'll see what occurs and whether the series itself reflects on it. Of course, that wouldn't be weird.
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