The Joy Awards 2023 Joy Awards ceremony was conducted this evening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Mbc Group. The ceremony included around 200 Arab and international personalities, as well as Arab and international influencers in sports, fashion, and art. Wissam Braidi, a journalist, and Valerie Abu Chakra, a former Miss Lebanon, are among the well-known media figures.

joy awards 2023
Joy Awards 2023

The stars, including Nadine Nassib Njeim, Dima Kandalaft, Rita Harb, Angham, Laila Elwi, Maya Diab, Qusai El Khouli, and others, published pictures of themselves as they arrived at Riyadh airport, and we have chosen for you, Madam, the most beautiful looks recorded by the lavender carpet at the JOY AWARDS 2023 awards ceremony.

The star Latifa

Latifa at joy awards
Latifa at Joy Awards

Latifa looked stunning in a red military-style jacket with a row of buttons and a wide black tulle skirt with pleats and a puffy shape. She was carrying a Dior purse.

The model Reem Al-Saeedi

Reem Al-Saeedi
Raeem Al Saeedi

She sparkled in a tight black gown with a split at the waist and was adorned with sparkly stones. Her hair was fashioned in a high chignon, and her smoky eye makeup was stunning. She was also decked up with diamond earrings and rings.

Maya Diab

maya diab
Maya Diab at Joy Awards 2023

Maya Diab, the star, sparkled in a metallic lavender-colored clothing with a Gradient character, which is a dress with a low neck and long sleeves, as well as a hood on top. Nicolas Jebran created the gown. Maya's looks drew a lot of attention, with some comparing her to Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo's partner.

Actress Hind Mohamed
hind mohammed
Saudi actress Hind Mohammed at Joy Awards 2023

Hind Muhammad, a Saudi actress, wore a black gown adorned with gold and golden threads. It has a closed collar and long sleeves, as well as a puffy cut in the skirt. She additionally emphasized her waist with a tiny black belt. Her red velvet lipstick completed her attractive appearance.

Actress Mila Zahrani
mila zahrani
Mila Zahrani at Joy Awards 2023

Mila Zahrani looked stunning in a black velvet and satin gown with sleeveless sleeves and a drop-down skirt from the hips. We adored her disheveled updo and stunning diamond jewelry, which included earrings and a hoop.
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