Terror alert in Vienna! On Wednesday, Austrian officials will be kept on their toes. Islamists appear to be plotting an attack on churches. Furthermore, an assignment is now under progress at the Technical University of Vienna.

Terroranschlag Wien vienna
Vienna, Austria

Police operation at Vienna's Technical University! According to "oe24," a police officer with a loaded pistol can be seen standing in front of the building. The context is still unknown.

The Vienna police had reported on Twitter a few hours earlier that Islamists were allegedly plotting an assault. Churches would have suffered.

The Directorate of State Security and Intelligence Service (DSN) received relevant information, according to Vienna police on Twitter.

According to the police, "enhanced monitoring and guarding of neuralgic locations or objects in Vienna was ordered" as a result of a risk assessment by the DSN and other state agencies for the preservation of the constitution and counter-terrorism (LVT).

That is why uniformed police forces, comprised of district forces and the special units WEGA and EKO Cobra, are visible in public. It is unknown how long this improved property protection will persist.

In November 2020, a convicted sympathizer of the terrorist outfit Islamic State shot four pedestrians in the heart of Vienna, injuring 23 people, some critically. The constitution's protection was changed over the course of the investigation.
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