"Bonjour, Brusseleirs." The Maestro returned home. Stromae, who has performed eight times at 'Paleis 12' and one day at Werchter, may anticipate no less than 208,000 spectators for his stage on Belgian territory in 2023. After wanderings in America and without even dramatic shocks, he was welcomed as a 'prodigal son' and came just short of being anointed a'saint' in Brussels. But the Maestro was ecstatic. At an obscure corner of the stage, he paid tribute to his wife and made a sly gesture to his biggest admirer.

stromae palais 12
Stromae at Palais 12, Brussels, Belgium

That particular smile. Popular on the big screen. "Invaincu," he died quietly. "Putain, the ailment?" It had only recently reverberated. A confrontation with his gloomy memories of the past. 'Palace 12' was overjoyed for what was to come. Yet there was also the emotion of one individual in a dark corner of the stage in the middle of the cheering. Away from the photographers. Miranda Marie Van Haver is a female name. At the end of the song, her son gave her a little wink. His ode to 'Mama 'Maestro. He penned 'Quand c'est' when she was diagnosed with cancer at the time. 'Invaincu'. "We will not be defeated!" became a dazzling kiss on their wounds.

Stromae had played Multitude songs at 'Paleis 12' - dubbed "a foretaste" at the time - but debuted his whole set last summer at 'Werchter Boutique'. Surprises are included. The artificial intelligence-powered robot dog: "You are such a sexy animal!" he exclaimed yesterday, before asking the entire audience for a name for the animal. Yet there are also magnificent animations and visual interludes.

And a concrete cocoon for morbid fun. 'Formidable' no longer includes a 'drunken act,' but instead cuts deeper and deeper without it. 'Tous Les Memes' will always be bitter. Yet with 'L'Enfer,' the song he debuted live in a French news station and soon followed with 'Multitude,' an awful topic never sounded so lovely and chilly.

In sharp contrast to 'C'est que le bonheur'. "I'd want to thank someone here," it said immediately before the music began. "This is Coralia, my wife. She delivered me a kid four and a half years ago, and we usually work together, but she is our family's driving force."
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