Aneta Sablik competes in "Battle of the Reality Stars" in 2023. Is she dating anyone?

aneta sablik
Aneta Sablik

Aneta Sablik is a singer from Poland. In 2014, she made it to the conclusion of the eleventh season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and won it. She is currently confronted with a new challenge. She competes for the title of "Reality Star 2023" as a latecomer against other celebrities.

Aneta Sablik is not a newcomer. But how does the singer feel in private? Is she dating someone new? And what is the name of your Instagram page? We investigated Aneta Sablik further. Everything from her age to her assets may be discovered here.

Aneta Sablik Profile

aneta sablik
Aneta Sablik photo

Name: Aneta Sablik
Profession: Singer
Birthday: 01/12/1989
Age: 34 years
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Place of birth: Bielsko-Biala in Poland
Instagram: officialanetasablik

Aneta Sablik competes in "Battle of the Reality Stars" in 2023

Aneta Sablik, a true DSDS icon, relocates to Thailand for the fourth season of the RTL2 show "Kampf der Reality stars." What appears to be a vacation turns out to be a competition for 50,000 euros and the title "Reality Star 2023."Participants must not only prove themselves in countless action and skill challenges, but they must also repeatedly put their popularity and popularity to the test, as only then can they be certain of being thrown out. Furthermore, new stars are continuously being recruited, who determine who must leave the sala in the weekly elimination, the "moment of truth." Who has the finest strategy for becoming a "Reality Star 2023"? 

Who is the most entertaining and at the same time convincing in the challenges? Whose reality qualities are strongest and who is tough enough to see it through to the end? All of these questions have been answered on RTL2 since April 12, 2023 . For Aneta Sablik, however, the journey only starts in episode 7 , on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023.

Is Aneta Sablik dating anyone?

Aneta's first public relationship was with DJ and music producer Kevin Zuber. Aneta came to Germany in 2012 to record a song with him. They later got together, relocated to Elmshorn, and married in 2016. A year later, they officially divorced. Aneta stated in 2018 that the couple had broken up just two weeks after their wedding, but she didn't want to make it public just yet. It is unknown if she currently has a boyfriend.

Aneta Sablik won DSDS in 2014

In 2014, Aneta appeared on the eleventh season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and sang her way into the hearts of the fans. She was a fan favorite not only among the jury, but also among the audience. She won the final with 57.9 percent of the calls, making her the third woman to win DSDS to date. The winning song "The One" was created by B-Case, Djorkaeff, and Beatzarre. The song was made available for download that evening and quickly rose to the top of the download charts. With this song, Aneta has also developed an originality. "The One" was the first DSDS song to be released outside of the United Kingdom.

What is Aneta Sablik up to these days?

The Polish vocalist published her debut album "The One" shortly after winning the DSDS. She also went on a little tour with this. Her next single "Popcorn Party" was released a year later. The accompanying music video with MC Popcorn is still available on YouTube. Aneta and GĂ©raldine Olivier co-founded the Mamy Beat Project in 2016. In June of same year, they published "Mamy Blue," a cover by Ricky Shayne. She sang the song "Ulala" in the Polish preliminary round of the "Eurovision Song Contest" in 2017, but she finished second to last. There's no need to be sad, because she went on the Watch DJ Bobo's Mystorial Tour the same year. 

In 2020, pop and acoustic versions of her new songs "So muss Sommer sein" and "Nur mit dir" were released . These were created in cooperation with songwriter Thomas Rosenfeld.

Aneta Sablik took part in “Dance Dance Dance”

"Battle of the Reality Stars" and "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" aren't the only RTL shows where Aneta has appeared. She, for example, made a guest appearance on "Let's Dance" following her victory. Her participation in "Dance Dance Dance" was even more significant. Her dance partner was DSDS colleague Menderes Bagci. They battled their way to second place as a team.

Aneta Sablik Instagram

Aneta Sablik has an Instagram account that is both public and verified. She shares details about her personal life with her over 87,000 followers (as of May 2023). She occasionally appears on excursions or gives short make-up demonstrations. At times, you might observe them participating in sports.

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