The MEP from France hopes to head the Socialist Party's independent list in the election in June 2024, just like he did in 2019. The PS asserts that the query is "premature" on its part.

Raphaël Glucksmann
Raphaël Glucksmann

Raphael Glucksmann will run in the June 9, 2024 European elections, just like he did in 2019. In an interview with "L'Obs" that was published on Wednesday, the departing MEP made this announcement.

 It is unclear if the 43-year-old writer will run on his own, with his Place publique party, or if the Socialist Party, which just last week embraced the autonomous list concept, would run him.

The person in question stated, "Leaving together would seem natural to me and I believe that this also conforms to the aim of socialist activists. A PS executive states that the question is now premature. 

The project will be completed first and put to a vote by activists on October 5. We won't determine who is most qualified to do this job until after that, she adds, adding that "no discussion has been initiated with anyone at this time."

As the leader of a four-way coalition that included Place Publique, the Socialist Party, the Radical Left Party, and New Deal in 2019, Raphael Glucksmann earned 6.2% of the vote. He had at the time argued unsuccessfully for the unification of the left-leaning parties. 

This time, the MEP brings up the previous occurrence of "substantial oppositions" with the PCF and France Insoumise. He declares, "Let's take responsibility for them," making clear that these two parties do not share his views on "European defence" and "absolute support for the Ukrainian resistance."

Raphael Glucksmann asserts in an interview with the weekly that he "learned the lessons" of 2019 and would rather run for office than "spend (his) time in dark rooms discussing endlessly with political apparatuses."

He affirms that going to the European elections separately would be more strategic for the left. "A unified left that would also fare far worse than its opposition in a one-round proportional election and send significantly fewer representatives to the European Parliament? I am not naive; I am aware that everyone is generating projections for 2027, but that is not the topic of my discussion; my focus is on June 9, 2024, the MEP asserts.

Source: AFP/Les Echos
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