Meet Princess Jalila, the 18-year-old niece of Jordan's King Abdullah II, whose outstanding accomplishments and captivating personality are paving the way for her to become a powerful person in her own right.

princess jalila bint ali
Princess Jalila bint Ali (in the middle) with her mother Princess Rym and father Prince Ali bin Al Hussein

Princess Jalila has already been drawing attention to Jordan's royal family's rich tapestry with her personality and a variety of abilities.

A Royal Heritage

Princess Jalila, the oldest child of Prince Ali and Princess Rym, was born on September 16, 2005. Her mother, Princess Rym, is a former CNN journalist and the daughter of the former Algerian Minister for Foreign Affairs. Her father, Prince Ali, is King Abdullah II's younger half-brother. Jalila's upbringing and feeling of responsibility have undoubtedly been affected by her distinguished heritage.

Balancing Academics and Royalty

Princess Jalila is committed to her study despite being a member of the royal family. She presently studies at the esteemed King's Academy in Madaba, Jordan, where she excels academically and actively participates in extracurricular royal activities.

Representing the House of Hashemite

By representing the House of Hashemite in numerous cultural gatherings and charitable causes, Princess Jalila has been making a name for herself. She has graced cultural events alongside her father, Prince Ali, and volunteered to serve Ramadan Iftar to the general public, exemplifying the virtues of charity and cohesion.

Princess Jalila demonstrated her dedication to philanthropy and social problems in 2021 when she accompanied Queen Rania to present the King Hussein Cancer Award for Cancer Research to the winners.

Sibling Bonds

Jalila, who was born on March 19, 2007, is Prince Abdullah's older sister. The 15-year-old prince is accustomed to attending public events that call for the participation of royalty. Young females will probably soon start putting their eyes on other Jordanian princes, including one who supports his brilliant jockey sister, because Crown Prince Al Hussein recently dropped off the market.

Equestrian Excellence

Princess Jalila enjoys riding horses much as many of her royal cousins. She led the Jordanian team to a sixth-place finish among 25 teams in the 200-kilometer, five-day Gallops of Jordan competition from Wadi Rum to Petra in 2021 in a stunning demonstration of her equestrian prowess. As the youngest participant in the history of this worldwide endurance event, her father, Prince Ali, enthusiastically publicised this occasion on Twitter.

Hollywood Encounters and Red Carpet Moments

Being a princess comes with its perks, including the opportunity to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars. Princess Jalila's father, who chairs the Royal Film Commission, and her mother, who serves as the president of the Amman International Film Festival, have granted her access to front-row seats at cinema-related events.

2019 saw the extraordinary experience of Princess Jalila and her movie-loving family greeting the filming of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" in Wadi Rum. They went to the scene, took pictures with well-known actors like Chewbacca, and pushed Jordan as a top location for filmmaking. They also attended the live-action "Aladdin" remake premiere in Amman that year, which was attended by Oscar winner Will Smith, according to the National News.

princess jalila bint ali
Princess Jalila bint Ali

Jordan has a rising star in Princess Jalila who blends brains, physical prowess, and a passion for the arts. She is unquestionably a young royal to watch as she makes her mark on both the national and international scene and represents the future of Jordan's lasting and alluring monarchy.
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