Erdogan's resolve to prevent a military escalation originates from the fact that this battle costs Turkey so much when the country is mired by the greatest economic crisis of the previous 20 years and the elections of 2023 are coming.

Turkey can block Sweden and Finland from entering NATO
[Erdogan and Putin]

Sweden and Finland have taken a step toward joining the Atlantic Alliance; however, it is possible that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has prevented this from happening. Erdogan has referred to the expansion of NATO to include Scandinavian countries as a "error." Sweden and Finland have taken a step toward joining the Atlantic Alliance. The leader of Turkey said to the press that "he does not want the same mistake committed with the admission of Greece," and he accused Stockholm and Helsinki of "housing terrorists of the PKK," which is short for the Kurdistan Workers' Party. An charge made without any supporting proof, which Erdoan often leveles during confrontations with both internal opponents and Western nations.

However, the expansion of NATO must first pass via Berlin, which is where the informal conference of NATO foreign ministers will take place. In this meeting, Sweden and Finland will attempt to persuade Turkey, which has been a member of NATO since 1952.

Before a nation may formally apply to join NATO, the government of that nation's home country has to provide its approval via the legislative process. As evidence of one's status as a free democracy, one must not only demonstrate that they are a sovereign state located inside Europe, but they must also fulfil a number of political and social prerequisites. According to article 10 of the law, however, admittance into NATO is contingent on receiving approval from each of the organization's member nations.

The President of Turkey is well aware that he has some trump cards in the ongoing situation in Ukraine, which may persuade Congress in the United States to ease the sanctions that prevent his country from modernising its antiquated air fleet, which dates back to the 1980s. In addition, the diplomatic action that is being undertaken in an effort to mediate a "ceasefire" and launch peace negotiations between Kiev and Moscow is providing Ankara with the chance to improve the image that has been damaged by the conflict.

A rediscovery of centrality by the nation that has the second largest force in the Alliance, despite the fact that it had been constantly accused of having moved its centre of gravity toward Eurasia, in particular after the acquisition of the Russian missile defence system. 400.

Erdogan has maintained faith with NATO promises and pledged support for Ukraine by firmly condemning the Russian incursion. This is despite the fact that Erdogan declared an autonomous and separate channel of engagement from the Alliance with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Support not only on the political and diplomatic fronts, but also on the military and humanitarian fronts, as evidenced by Turkey's provision of drones for use by the Kiev army and by the country's acceptance of approximately 60,000 refugees from Ukraine, which is twice as many as Great Britain has taken in.

Erdogan's wish to prevent a military escalation arises from the reality that this battle is costing Turkey a significant amount of money at a time when the country is experiencing the greatest economic crisis in the previous 20 years and elections in 2023 are drawing near.
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