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Welcome to Europeans24, news wing of Europeans24 Media LTD. Europeans24 is a multilingual news publishing website based in Zurich, Switzerland that brings you the in-depth news reviews, opinions as well as latest news around the globe.

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Welcome to Europeans24, your one-stop destination for breaking news and information from Europe and beyond. We are a European news organization dedicated to providing accurate, dependable, and timely news coverage on a wide range of themes, including economics, geopolitics, diplomacy, technology, international affairs and defence, climate & environment, sports, entertainment, COVID-19 and so on.

There’s something to see everywhere you turn at Europeans24 in every corner of the continent you’ll find what European nations are up to. You’ll also find new problems and challenges European people are facing. Our professional team of journalists, editors, and specialists is committed to providing you with in-depth reporting, incisive analysis, and different opinions that represent Europe's complexity and variety.


We believe in the power of journalism to enlighten, educate, and empower our readers, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of honesty, objectivity, and professionalism in all of our work. We cover news of Europe,America, Asia, Africa, Australia and beyond. Our world-wide team of editors are based in Rome, Paris, London, Milan, Moscow, Istanbul, Athens, Barcelona and Berlin.

Goals and Aims

Reliable and Accurate Reporting: Europeans24 Media aims to provide reliable and accurate news reporting, ensuring that information is thoroughly researched, verified, and presented in an objective and unbiased manner. The company strives to be a trusted source of news, delivering factual and balanced coverage to its audience.

Promoting Freedom of Expression: Europeans24 Media is committed to upholding the principles of freedom of expression and the press. The company aims to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, fostering open dialogue and facilitating meaningful discussions on important societal issues.

Editorial Independence: Europeans24 Media upholds the principle of editorial independence, ensuring that journalists have the freedom to pursue stories and report without undue influence or bias. The company aims to maintain a firewall between editorial content and external pressures, allowing journalists to follow their professional judgment and ethical guidelines.

Ethical Journalism: Europeans24 Media is dedicated to practicing ethical journalism. The company strives to adhere to the highest journalistic standards, including accuracy, fairness, accountability, and respect for privacy. Europeans24 Media aims to conduct investigations with integrity and to address any errors or inaccuracies promptly and transparently.

Comprehensive and Diverse Coverage: Europeans24 Media aims to provide comprehensive news coverage, encompassing a wide range of topics including politics, economics, culture, science, sports, and more. The company strives to reflect the diversity of its audience and society, presenting stories that are relevant and inclusive.

Engagement and Interaction: Europeans24 Media aims to foster engagement and interaction with its audience. The company seeks to create a platform for dialogue through various channels, including comments sections, social media, and events. Europeans24 Media values audience feedback and actively seeks to address concerns and interests raised by its readers and viewers.

Innovation and Adaptation: Europeans24 Media recognizes the evolving media landscape and aims to embrace innovation and adapt to new technologies and platforms. The company seeks to leverage digital tools and data-driven insights to enhance storytelling, improve user experience, and reach wider audiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Europeans24 Media aims to be a socially responsible organization, considering the impact of its activities on society and the environment. The company endeavors to support transparency, diversity, and sustainability within its operations and to actively contribute to the well-being of the communities it serves.


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