A person who is compelled to conduct oral sex while their hands are restrained. This is the subject of Miriam Cahn's artwork, which is now on display at the Palais de Tokyo. It would glorify child pornography in the eyes of some.

Miriam Cahn Fuck Abstraction
Miriam Cahn's Painting 'Fuck Abstraction'

Miriam Cahn's 'Fuck Abstraction' is presently on display at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Others consider the work to be child pornography. On Tuesday, the Minister of Culture replied to the incident, saying, "It is not for a minister or a politician to classify a criminal violation."

From February 17, the painting has been on exhibit. It depicts a person with bound hands who is forced to conduct fellatio. According to the Juristes pour l'Enfance organization, the character is a kid, and hence the artwork has a child pornographic character. A petition demanding its removal has been begun, with over 8500 signatories so far.

"These are not children," the Swiss artist said in response to the outcry. This picture is about how sexuality is exploited as a weapon of war, a crime against humanity." Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture, asks for balance, saying, "the struggle for the protection of children and against all types of violence, we are all waging collaboratively in government alongside my colleague Charlotte Caubel, every day."

She also echoed the artist's sentiments and condemned a work taken out of context. "You went to film this artwork for your marketing stunt, but did you attend the entire exhibition?" Have you contacted the mediators? Did you go through the explanations? "Because you can't remove a piece from its context," she explained. She argues that "art may startle, can question."

The Palais de Tokyo has issued public cautions due to the sensitivity of some of the pieces on display. The Observatory of Creative Freedom agreed with Miriam Cahn that "artists must be allowed to criticize these injustices." "The writer is just a mirror that reflects, a machine that traces, and which has nothing to be forgiven for if its imprints are correct, if its reflection is faithful," George Sand remarked of literature. The same is true for art, and this argument, which has already lasted two centuries, has always ended with the censors' disgrace.
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