Shadow and Bone is an American television series from the production of Netflix and a must watch for adventure & fantasy lovers.

Shadow and Bone Netflix
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Based on Leigh Bardugo's global bestselling novel Shadow and Bone published in June 2012, Netflix is streaming eight episode long television series as the same name of the Novel on April 23,2021.

Hollywood's one of the strongest screen writer Eric Heisserer is the screenwriter and executive producer of Shadow and Bone. Mr. Heisserer is mainly famous for his screenwriting of Arrival(2016), Bird Box(2018), Final Destination 5(2011) and Paul Walker starred Hours(2013). 

This time this living legend has created Shadow and Bone under the banner of Netflix. 

Plot of Shadow and Bone

If you have read the novel then this series is going to make your imaginations real. But who haven’t read the novel yet should start packing their times up for this series since there you will find Alina Starkov, a lowly and orphaned soldier, has recently unleashed a great potential for secrecy to liberate her country from a war-torn century. Alina is saddened by all she can do to be trained by an elite magical army known as Greece with great intimidation by the Shadow Fold. 

But as she struggles to strengthen her power, she discovers that her allies and enemies are likely to be the same and that nothing is happening in this glamorous world. Power, including a group of brave criminals, is dangerous and will take more than magic to survive(Wikipedia).


1. A Searing Burst Of Light

2. We're All Someone's Monster.

3. The Making at the Heart of the World 

4. "Otkazat'sya" (a Russian word meaning "The Abandoned" or "Orphaned ".)

5. Show Me Who You Are

6. The Heart Is An Arrow 

7. The Unsea

and at last

8. No Mourners 

Cast of Shadow and Bone

Shadow and bone cast
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Jessie Mei Li, Ben Bernes, Freddy Carter, Archie Renaux, Danielle Galligan, Amita Suman and Kit Young will be playing major roles as Alina Starkov, General Kirigan/ The Darkling, Kaz Brekker, Malyen/Mal, Nina Zenik, Inej Ghafa and Jasper Faheye respectively.  

Jessie Mei Li  is a 27 years old British actress. 

Where was Shadow and Bone shot?

Netflix sources have confirmed that most of the shots of Shadow and Bone were taken place in Budapest and other places of Hungary

Why 'His Dark Materials' lovers should watch this?

Like the 'His Dark Materials' Lyra Belacqua '  on whom the whole story depends and who is the prime driver of the story Shadow and Bone has Alina Starkov. Both series has some same amount of adventure, fantasy and thrill. As of final trailer of Shadow and Bone,  this series speaks of a 'prophecy ' and this word is widely used in His Dark Materials. 

Who is Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo Shadow and Bone
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Leigh Bardugo is a 46-years-old Israel born American author who is mainly focused on young adult, fantasy, magic and adventure  stories and novels. 

Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows duology made her worldwide famous. Grisha Trilogy consists of Shadow and Bone(Book 1), Seige and Storm (Book 2) and Ruin and Rising (Book 3). 

Netflix or any other productions haven’t announced any adoption of her other two books of Grisha Trilogy. 

The author MD. Mahmud Hasan is a student at Department of Criminology, University Of Dhaka.

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