The Ministry of Industry and Technology launched a "Integrated Circuit Design Call" as a strategic effort to build local and national chip design solutions. A budget of $13.78 billion is provided within the scope of the request, and applications will be accepted until July 31.

turkey domestic chip production
Turkiye domestic chip production

According to the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, around 1 trillion chips are created worldwide each year. The demand for chips is expanding in tandem with the increasing usage of electronic gadgets in daily life.

In this moment of global manufacturing crises, Turkey made a strategic move into the semiconductor business. The Ministry is dedicated to improving Turkey's chip capacity, as well as the development of the ecosystem and integrated circuit. The "Pre-Competitive Collaboration Projects-Integrated Circuit Design Projects Call" was launched in order to disseminate its competence across the country. Applications are accepted until July 31, Turkish media TRT Haber reports.

At least one consumer who will utilize the product revealed in the scope of the call, as well as at least one chip design business, will collaborate. This collaboration will help product and commercialization-oriented design initiatives. The call will support initiatives on technology and mobility technologies, notably in the electrical-electronics industry, automation, and digital transformation. As a result, added value will be raised in these sectors, and chips with Turkish intellectual property rights will be employed in goods.

The request will provide a 50% grant for each of the support items judged eligible for the project. IP blocks, in addition to the existing support items, comprise licensing, technical education and consultation services, prototype (fabrication) manufacturing, and software.Some license payments will also be waived.

According to the release, Varank, who spoke at the investment signing ceremony of the chip production plant situated on TÜBTAK Gebze Campus, said the following about the Integrated Circuit Design Projects Call:

"With this call, we will bring together large companies that need chips, small companies, and SMEs that make chip designs, with a budget of 270 million liras under the leadership of our Ministry." We will help to build indigenous chip design solutions. As a result, our huge manufacturers will begin to use these locally and domestically developed chips. As a result, the ecosystem will expand further, and Turkey's global footprint in value-added industries will become more visible.

"This is a 65 nanometer processor," Varank stated of Turkey's first national processor, akl. Our engineers created it both locally and nationally, but we could only produce it in Malaysia. We will now be able to manufacture the chips that we created in Turkey."

Production at the plant, which has been invested in to create chips for use in high-value-added goods in Turkey and to boost present production capacity, will begin within 18 months. The manufacture of the facility, which has a clean area of 2 thousand square meters, will allow the original design chips to be commercialized in both local and global markets. As a result, Turkey will have the infrastructure needed to compete on a global scale in chip manufacturing.

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