James Hewitt, the man who had the affair of the century with Princess Diana, recently gave an interview to RTL in which he admitted that his connection with the Queen of Hearts was a "utter scandal" in hindsight.

james hewitt and priness diana
[James Hewitt and Priness Diana]

Neither he nor Diana realized this at the time, but it is now clear that they should have: "Everything was open, even our conversation over the phone." It was a risky, really foolish, and ignorant thing to do. […]. For instance, Princess Diana used my landline to make a call to Balmoral Castle so that she could talk to the Queen [...]. Everything was approved at the highest possible level.

Between once every one and two weeks, the two would have run into each other either at Kensington Palace, when Hewitt was staying in Devon, or while they were out riding.

His performance as the antagonist in this tale continues to weigh heavily on him to this day: "I still live in fear of being hated."

Only a year ago, Hewitt was hospitalized with a stroke. The love he had for Diana required a great deal from him. RTL receives more commentary from Diana's former partner, who says, "I mean, it cost me the risk of my life."

But it was well worth it in the end: "I did it at the right moment and for the right cause. "Making a choice and being able to stick by it is something that the military teaches you how to do," Hewitt said in an interview with RTL.

It is believed that the two were romantically involved for a period of five years; yet, according to his own account, he was unaware of how dissatisfied Princess Diana really was in her marriage to Prince Charles. He admits, "I did not realize that she was married to someone who made her unhappy." No, I had no idea it was going on at all."

He was concerned for her welfare at all times, and her boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as her husband at the time, Prince Charles, should be aware of this. "I genuinely hope that they knew that I attempted to help them in the five years that we were together happily," he said. According to what Hewitt said to RTL, "it was really essential to me." Even in modern times, the Brit has strong affections for Lady Diana, saying, "I still adore her [...]. She will continue to play a significant role in the rest of my life.

In the documentary "The Battle of the Princesses: Who Cracks the Diana Code," which will be on RTL on Tuesday, August 30, at 8:15 p.m., further extracts from James Hewitt's interview will be shown.
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