The difference in victory probability for each AI is being studied ahead of the first World Cup match.

South Korea vs Uruguay prediction
[South Korea vs Uruguay prediction/AL JAZEERA]

The Korean national soccer team will face the Uruguay national team in the first group stage on the fourth day of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which will be held on the 23rd.

Ahead of this, the supporters' attention is naturally focused on whether they will be able to defeat Uruguay and construct a bridgehead to progress to the round of 16, but the majority of them believe that it will be difficult to accomplish the required outcome.

This isn't only because Uruguayan players are better than Korean players. The most obvious sign of the disparity between the two sides is Uruguay's 14th place in the FIFA rankings. It is clearly a better squad than Korea, which is placed 28th.

Looking back at previous matchups, Korea is clearly inferior than Uruguay. Since their first meeting in 1982, the Korean national soccer team has one victory, one tie, and six losses in eight matches against Uruguay.

They only played in two World Cups, losing 1-0 in Italy in 1990 and 2-1 in South Africa in 2010.

In most situations, however, rather than playing a game in which they were unilaterally inferior and lost, they traded assaults with one other and were unable to manage Uruguay's offensive and break through the Uruguay defensive camp, which went into lockdown after losing a goal.

Korea's victory rate versus Uruguay was only 11%, according to the AI match prediction offered by LG U+'s sports community platform Spokie. The chances of a tie were 19%, while the chances of losing were 70%.

AI Kachef, run by Al Jazeera, a renowned Arab network based in Doha, Qatar, the World Cup's host city, projected that Korea had a 25% probability of winning. The odds of a tie are 34%, and the odds of Uruguay prevailing are 41%.

The result of the match between Korea and Uruguay was predicted based on play statistics in manager mode of FIFA Online 4, a soccer game produced by EA of Nexon and maintained by Nexon.

Unlike earlier analytic examples that merely projected game outcomes, it is distinguished by the development of a strategy to efficiently target Uruguay as a consequence. Intelligence Labs, a Nexon AI research group, undertook this data study.

Nexon predicted that Korea had a 17% probability of beating Uruguay. The odds of a tie were 30%, while the odds of Uruguay prevailing were 53%. It should be noted that when Hongcheol and Kim Taehwan were utilized as left and right fullbacks, the winning rate rose.

Korea's main offensive route was also established from the right to the center. It is thought that avoiding the Uruguayan midfield camp, which comprises Bentancur, Valverde, and Arascaeta, and aiming for a link between a fullback and an attacker will be efficient.

Uruguay's attacking growth, on the other hand, demonstrated a shift from the center to the left with the aforementioned midfielder. Nexon understood this to suggest that we should be mindful of Uruguay midfielder and left striker Darwin Nunez's link play.

The match between Korea and Uruguay in Group H of the 2022 Qatar World Cup will take place on the 24th at 10:00 p.m. (Korean time) at the Education City Stadium in Alayan, Qatar.
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