A replica of Turkish made Baykar Bayraktar TB2 was seen displayed at Bangabandhu Military Museum, Dhaka.

bayraktar tb2 bangladesh
A replica of Bayraktar TB2 in display at the Bangabandhu Military Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh

On December 16, The National Victory Day of Bangladesh, the replica of Bayraktar TB2 was being displayed at The Bangladesh Air Force gallery of the museum.

bayraktar tb2 bangladesh
Replica of Bayraktar TB2 in Bangladesh

The display of Bayraktar TB2's replica confirms the news of Bangladesh's purchase of Turkish made UCAV which attracted international defence community in July 2022. Even though the replica is being displayed, it is still not confirmed that if Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) has received any TB2 or how many units have been purchased by BAF. 
bayraktar tb2 bangladesh
Bayraktar TB2

In recent years Bangladesh has become one of the most important defence importer in South Asian region and the significant amount of them are being bought from Turkiye including AFVs, missile and rocket systems and other miscellaneous military hardwares while ranks the top. 
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