The fifth season of The Resident has begun! If fans' favorite characters have made a reappearance in their hearts, an actress is lacking! Everything is revealed...

emily vancamp
Canadian Actress Emily Vancamp

From 9:10 p.m. today evening, TF1 unveiled the unreleased season 5 of its medical series. In the opening episodes of The Resident, fans noticed the absence of one of the key characters, Nic (played by Emily Vancamp), who had gone on a pleasant vacation. In the third episode, Conrad (Matt Czuchry) is caring for their daughter when the police arrive and deliver dreadful news to him. Nic got involved in an automobile accident. In the third episode, his life in the series comes to an end. Can we expect to see Emily Vancamp in another form later? 

Will Emily Vancamp return in The Resident?

Can fans anticipate Emily Vancamp to return if Nic is no longer alive? The actress spoke with Deadline about her future on the program, and her statement should elicit some reactions. "I worked in television for many years, but my interests have shifted. "I believe that there comes a period in the life of every woman and every individual when your work becomes less important than family, and that is what occurred to me during the series' production," the actress explained. The actress, on the other hand, will appear in flashbacks in the following episodes.

The actress, who starred in the blockbuster series Revenge, also discussed how she felt about the conclusion of her character's story, her profession, and her new life. "It's a bittersweet time for me. I've had a great time working on The Resident for the past four years. It's common to hear of someone leaving a concert because they're unhappy "Something negative occurred, or there was tension. In this situation, however, the reverse is true. There is nothing but love and respect amongst all of us, and while this decision was not easy for anybody, it was the best one for me.
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