In an interview with Closer magazine, Meghan Markle's doppelganger defends her. It sends a clear message about the Duchess of Sussex, having become everyone's punching bag.

Sarah Mhlanga
Meghan Markle's lookalike Sarah Mhlanga

Sarah Mhlanga, an actress who looks like Meghan Markle, sympathizes! And for good cause, given the terrible insults leveled against the Duchess of Sussex. Sarah Mhlanga claims to have become a punching bag for those who are unable to approach Meghan Markle. When she goes out in public as the Duchess of Sussex near Buckingham Palace or Windsor, she feels threatened and requests security. Given the hate directed at Meghan Markle by the media and the general public, the doppelganger defended the 41-year-old former actress.

Sarah Mhlanga recently told Closer that she was appalled when Jeremy Clarkson hoped for Meghan Markle's awful humiliation. "She does not deserve some of the things said about her." "I was shocked when Jeremy Clarkson suggested she be paraded naked and covered in feces," Sarah Mhlanga stated. Sarah, as a feminist, supports the promises made by Archie and Lilibet's mother. " Meghan does amazing charity work and stands up for women, which as a feminist I completely support, and I think," said the person who makes £300 each appearance.

Unlike his bride, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry is expected to attend Charles III's coronation. The Duchess of Sussex elected not to visit England, a choice praised by her doppelganger. "I don't blame her for not coming to England to celebrate it; it's her son Archie's birthday, and that's her priority; her children come first," Sarah Mhlanga previously stated, adding, "And I suspect she needs more time to heal from all these fights."

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