According to Reuters, Iranian state media reported on Saturday morning that Swedish-Iranian Habib Chaab had been killed. In a widely condemned trial, Chaab was sentenced to death in Iran.

habib chaab
Habib Chaab (AFP/DN)

According to Reuters, it is about the Swedish-Iranian Habib Chaab, who has been condemned to death for his role in an attack on a military parade in which 25 people were murdered and around 60 were injured. He was also accused of being the leader of a terrorist organization.

"I read with dismay on the Iranian judiciary's news channel that the execution of Swedish citizen Habib Chaab was carried out today," writes Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) in a reply to DN.

Since Habib Chaab's conviction, the administration has sought to guarantee that the sentence is not carried out, according to the foreign minister's remark.

"The government has appealed to Iran not to enforce the sanction, and I myself have raised the issue with Iran's foreign minister," Tobias Billström says.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not say how Sweden will react to the execution as of ten o'clock. The Foreign Ministry summoned Iran's ambassador to Sweden in March, after the death sentence against Habib Chaab was confirmed.

The legal procedure has been heavily criticized, including by Amnesty International, which has urged that the death sentence be annulled. Following the confirmation of the death sentence by the Iranian Supreme Court in March, the Iranian ambassador in Sweden was summoned to the Foreign Ministry to hear a complaint and a demand that the punishment not be carried out.

Chaab must have "confessed" to the crimes, according to Iran. However, confessions obtained through threats and torture are frequently used as evidence in Iran.

The criminal category "spreading corruption throughout the world" has occurred in multiple death sentences. It and numerous other Iranian criminal classifications have been condemned by Amnesty International, among others, for being purposely ambiguous, resulting in significant legal confusion.

Habib Chaab, who holds both Swedish and Iranian citizenship, spent 14 years in Sweden. He had previously been involved in the ASMLA movement, which was fighting for a free Ahwaz, an Iranian province with a minority Arab population. In Iran, the movement is labeled as terrorist.

Chaab vanished in Turkey in 2020 under unclear circumstances. A month later, Iran released a video in which Chaab admitted to a number of heinous offenses. He was apprehended by Iranian spies in Turkey, it turned out.

The lawsuit against Habib Chaab is comparable to another court case in Iran involving a Swedish-Iranian. Ahmadreza Djalali, a physicist, has been on execution row in Iran for five and a half years, accused of spying. Djalali was also made to confess in public.

Source: Dagens Nyheter
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