Is it the day that the Maddie McCann case finally takes a turn? Boats are already in the water as police pursue the fresh trail.

The Braunschweig public prosecutor's office acknowledges inquiries into the Madeleine McCann case in Portugal at IPPEN.MEDIA's request. Public prosecutor Christian Wolters from the Braunschweig public prosecutor's office stated, "Of course, the search was preceded by a tip.

What particular notices exist? What type of trail the detectives are following is first unknown. The public prosecutor's office maintains a low profile for more information and specifics for "investigative tactical reasons".

The public prosecutor of Braunschweig announced in a brief statement that these are "current criminal procedural measures". Additionally, "The measures will be implemented by the Portuguese law enforcement authorities through legal assistance with the assistance of officials from the Federal Criminal Police Office."

There are boats in the water, tents erected, and emergency personnel are strolling down the coast. Additionally, a rubber boat with two investigators was deployed. Photos from news agencies show that the search effort for missing Maddie McCann in the reservoir in Portugal has been in full force since Tuesday morning. According to media sources, scores of search dogs have been dispatched, and around 30 emergency services are scouring the area near the Arade reservoir. Divers were seen in the water as well.

After Portuguese attorney Marcos Aragao Correira privately financed for specialized divers, the Arade reservoir was investigated in 2008. According to the TV station Sky News, the lawyer allegedly received a tip from criminal contacts that Maddie's body was in the reservoir.

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