This year's highest drink might cost as much as 14.90 euros, and six million people are anticipated to attend. And most of Theresienwiese is once more XXL. the most crucial inquiries and responses.

oktoberfest munich 2023
Oktoberfest in Munich 2023

From September 17 until October 3, there are 18 days of festivities in Munich. Dieter Reiter, the mayor of Munich, traditionally taps the barrel to start the festivities on Saturday at precisely noon. He gave Markus Söder, the premier of Bavaria, the first draught beer.

How much does Oktoberfest cost for beer, rides, and other things?

It costs nothing to stroll. Nearly everything else has increased in price. Innkeepers and performers are feeling the effects of high inflation, which is particularly seen in the cost of energy but also in the cost of gasoline and food. The cost of a ride on the big carousel or the roller coaster frequently stays just under the 10 euro threshold. At Oktoberfest, the first two Tuesdays are designated as family days with discounted admission.

The cost of a litre of beer has increased by an average of 81 cents since last year; the "Vinzenz Murr Metzgerstubn" in Vienna charges 14.90 euros, while the "Familienplatzl" charges 12.60 euros. Half an organic chicken might cost as little as 25 euros, depending on the tent.

Visitors will be able to satisfy their (non-alcoholic) thirst for free as of this year. Four locations provide free water fountains where you may fill your own plastic bottle (glass bottles are not allowed).

Can you still make a table reservation in the tent?

It is typically easy to obtain a seat for lunch, especially on weekdays. Weekends and evenings might be crowded because most tents have already reserved all of the available tables. Despite the fact that there are 120,000 eating spaces available at the Oktoberfest.

Starting this year, anyone who wishes to cancel their previous ticket can acquire a last-minute reservation through the platform. Twenty businesses are participating. On their websites, other tents have their own conversations. A fixed table, or so-called minimum consumption, is always dependent upon the purchase of vouchers. Typically, each person needs to buy two litres of beer and one chicken.

Where can you find assistance during Oktoberfest?

On the festival grass, 450 paramedics are on duty and will attend to the needs of more than 5,000 attendees. The medical station during Oktoberfest is furnished like a little hospital. Two operating rooms with physicians and 217 metres of surgical thread were used to stitch together 481 people last year. On the 59 beds, many Oktoberfest visitors rest after a night of drinking.

A portable computer tomograph is present. The goal of this is to ease pressure on Munich hospitals' emergency departments. It is possible to determine right away if a visitor who enters the ward following a fall or accident with a suspected skull injury has to be taken to the hospital or not.

Which items may you bring to the festival meadow?

Bring-along bags and backpacks are limited to a maximum volume of three litres and dimensions of 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm. There are several exceptions, including strollers with diaper bags or medical gadgets. On weekdays, they are permitted to attend the Oktoberfest until 6 p.m. Because it's so packed, strollers are not permitted on weekends or public holidays. Close to the main entrance, there is baggage storage. You often don't need much more than your wallet, phone, and set of personal keys to party.

Is the Oktoberfest safe?

Oktoberfest is rather risk-free. With the help of 50 video cameras, the police patrol as well as keep an eye on what happens outside. Each tent has a separate security team that keeps an eye out for things like "upskirting," which is when ladies dancing on the benches are prevented from being recorded or videotaped with mobile phones while wearing their dirndl skirts.

Teams of street workers patrol the festival meadow on the weekends to care for the weak and inquire as to whether a French kiss with an acquaintance from Oktoberfest is genuinely desired or is already being coerced. Pickpockets are becoming more prevalent, so be cautious during the Oktoberfest.

Source: ZDF
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