Iranian nationals working with Mossad have been apprehended in the Iran-Afghan border border areas.

Iranian Authorities Arrest Mossad Agents in Joint Operation with Afghan Forces
Iranian authorities arrested three mossad agents (Source: X)

According to Iranian news outlets, the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran collaborated with the military of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to capture three Iranian nationals suspected of being Mossad spies. The operation was conducted in the highlands that separate the two nations.

Iranian authorities claim that these people, who are believed to be Iranian citizens, planned to do harm to the country. This distressing discovery highlights the seriousness of the danger presented by these operations; they were reportedly intending to conduct out assaults on Iranian land using suicide drones. In addition, their actions may have been calculated to cause friction between Iran and Afghanistan.

Afghan officials have signaled their readiness to work with Iranian officials on this issue, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is also on board. The suspects will likely be sent to Iran for questioning and, if found guilty, punishment.

According to previous news accounts, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the intelligence forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran worked together to foil a major ISIS plot against Iran along the shared border regions.

Minister of Information for the Islamic Republic of Iran Hojjat-ul-Islam Saidas Ismail Khatib has spoken highly of the cooperation between Iran and the Islamic Emirate in the battle against terrorism. He stressed the need for prudence on these topics, especially in the wake of recent events in Afghanistan. said Khatib, "We must act cautiously; America left Afghanistan with cowardice, the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, and it cooperates well with us in the fight against terrorism."

Authorities in the Islamic Emirate have often stressed their dedication to regional security and stability by stating that they are actively suppressing terrorist and dissident organizations in Afghanistan.

The continuous developments in this issue highlight the intricate nature of the regional geopolitical scene and the continued efforts of states to counteract terrorist and espionage threats.

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