The continuation of the Fourth Wing sequel continues to captivate readers.

Rebecca Yarros iron flame
Rebecca Yarros' Iron Flame

It's been a while since the world experienced a cultural craze on the size of Twilight or Harry Potter, but Rebecca Yarros's recent books are creating waves and are on their way to becoming contemporary classics. The May book, Fourth Wing, has a strong female heroine named Violet Sorrengail who leads readers on an exciting adventure into the realm of dragon riding at the fictitious Basgiath War College. Yarros' work is a witness to the expanding popularity of the romance-fantasy genre, frequently referred to as "Romantasy."

The genre of romance, which seems to have originated on TikTok, has amassed a large audience, as seen by the 475 million views on the related hashtag. These books are fantastic world-builders because of the way they combine romance with fantasy. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, Crowns of Nyaxia by Carissa Broadbent, and Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout are only a few of the most famous books in this genre.

The anticipation for the next installments of well-liked series is strong. In less than a day, more than 2,000 users rated Iron Flame on GoodReads, and the book now has a 4.41 rating and more than 391,000 readers have added it to their TBR lists. More than a billion people have also seen posts with the related hashtags "FourthWing," "RebeccaYarros," and others. The number of views for "IronFlame" alone is above 83 million.

Iron Flame continues the plot from its predecessor, with the protagonist putting her War College training to the test. Fans were excited for Iron Flame's debut because they couldn't wait to read the next chapter in the gripping narrative of Violet and Xaden.

BookTok, a sizable group of TikTok book recommenders and reviewers, is a big fan of the Romantasy genre and Yarros's work in particular. By 2023, Fourth Wing had gained the support of this group and had become a New York Times hardback bestseller, selling over two million copies throughout the globe in only six months. Recently, it was announced that Amazon is adapting Fourth Wing into a television series, with the highly regarded Michael B. Jordan's Outlier Society associated to the project. Yarros will act as a "non-writing executive producer" for the future series, further raising the buzz around her work.

The excitement for Iron Flame was also palpable at the more than 200 midnight release parties held at Barnes & Nobles around the country. Many of the events hosted by independent bookshops likewise rapidly sold out. Fans flocked to these events and shared their joy and passion with one another via TikTok videos.

The future of Yarros' Empyrean series, of which this is the second book, has been kept under wraps. Fans of Yarros, including those of Violet Sorrengail and Xaden Riorson, will, without a doubt, be waiting breathlessly for each new release so that they may once again immerse themselves in the world of Romantasy.

Source: The TIME
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