In a statement, Turkish Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat acknowledged the strong customs cooperation between Turkey and Iran, saying, "Once the Iranian side completes its transportation road activities at the Razi Border Gate, which is opposite the Kapıköy Border Gate, it will be opened to transit and truck trade."

ömer bolat
Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat, Minister of Trade, Turkiye

As reported by TRT Haber, Trade Minister Ömer Bolat was present at the Complex for the Turkey-Iran Business Forum, which was conducted after the 8th Meeting of the Turkey-Iran High Level Cooperation Council (YDİK).

Bolat wished God's compassion to those who lost their lives in the terrorist assault carried out on January 3 in Kerman, Iran, and prayed God's mercy to the Palestinians who were slain in the murderous strikes carried out by Israel for 3.5 months, and a swift recovery to the wounded.

Bolat, because of the long-standing intellectual, cultural, and political connections between the two countries. He emphasised that working relationships with Noting that the presence of the two presidents in today's talks is a clear sign of the commitment to fostering economic and commercial relations, Bolat stated that Turkish and Iranian businesspeople will endeavor to fulfill the responsibility that comes with the historical and cultural links between their countries in order to develop commercial and economic relations. They have the will, he stressed.

Trade volume should be appropriately addressed by implementing the $30 billion TTA

Bolat brought to the attention of the audience the fact that, in 2022, the level of about 10 billion dollars was attained, although the relative drop in bilateral trade volume caused by the recession in the world economy and commerce brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bolat pointed out that 7.4 billion dollars in trade in 2023 doesn't even come close to representing the potential of trade between nations with such deep cultural and historical links; to unlock this potential, stronger, more developed, and more integrated economic and commercial relations are needed.

The Minister Bolat emphasized the significance of the Turkey-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement (TTA), which has been in effect since 2015, and stated, "In order to reach the mutual and annual trade volume target of 30 billion dollars determined by our presidents, the proper implementation and scope of the TTA must be ensured." 

Expanding within the framework of the 'win-win concept' should provide new chances for the business people of the two nations, in our opinion. Our nation's investments in Iran are rapidly surpassing $2 billion. We are certain that boosting our investments in each other's economies would benefit our nations. According to him, "We are ready to provide all kinds of support to pave the way for our business people and to develop the economic relations between the two countries." Our interest as public authorities lies in our investors.

"Türkiye is the gateway to the West for Iran"

Bolat emphasized the strategic location of Turkey and Iran along major transportation lines and expressed their intention to expand their cooperation in the area of service trade. 

Bolat said, "Service trade, which is also an important component of tourism in this field, 2.3 million Iranian tourists visited our country in the 11-month period of this year." He went on to say that Iran is Turkey's entrance to Central Asia and that Iran is Turkey's gateway to the West.It is obvious that we can increase these numbers significantly, given that Iran is becoming an increasingly appealing tourism destination for Turks.

According to Bolat, the contracting sector has a unique position in interactions, alongside the tourist and transportation areas. Noting that by the end of 2023, Turkish contractors would have completed 12,784 projects in 135 countries, with a combined value of more than $502 billion.

 According to Bolat, "Turkish contracting companies that have been operating in Iran for a long time havehousingIt has undertaken 56 projects worth 4.6 billion dollars in many fields, including factory and tourist facility projects."Please know that our contractors are once again prepared to bring their extensive international expertise to bear on some of Iran's most ambitious infrastructure and superstructure projects in the near future.

Bolat indicated that the renovations to the Gürbulak Border Gate, a vital stop on the "Central Corridor" transit route, would soon be finished, highlighting the serious customs collaboration between Turkey and Iran.

 Bolat said that a cooperation agreement on free zones was signed between the two nations today and that the Razi Border Gate, which is located opposite the Kapıköy Border Gate, would be opened to transit and truck commerce after the Iranian side finishes its transportation road operations.

Source: TRT Haber

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