Two of restaurant heiress Christina Block's four children were abducted in the Danish town of Gråsten on New Year's Eve, igniting a mysterious abduction drama.

Christina Block
Christina Block with her four children

The police have indicated that a custody issue might be at the root of the matter. Over the custody of their four children—Theodor, Klara, Greta, and Johanna—the German millionaire and her ex-husband Stephan Hensel have been embroiled in a vicious feud for years.

The detectives are faced with several mysteries in this case: The two youngest children of steakhouse heiress Christina Block (49) have been abducted in Gråsten, Denmark, close to the German border, after years of contentious custody battles and messy court battles. 

Theodor, who is ten years old, and Klara, who is thirteen years old, were reportedly celebrating New Year's Eve at the "Caféodora" restaurant with their father, Stephen Hensel, who is 49 years old. From the parking lot, they observed the fireworks display. It is said that about 12:17 in the morning, a group of guys assaulted the father, knocked him down, and bundled the two children into two rented automobiles. 

The two vehicles used by the kidnappers, a Citroën DS7 Crossback with the license plate DN-AV 9551 and a Mercedes A-Class designated WI-W 6481 E, are both registered in Germany. No sign of the two kids has been found despite the continuing massive search. For possible physical injury and loss of liberty, it is under investigation.

Christina Block, 83-year-old daughter of Hamburg "Block House" founder Eugen Block, and her ex-husband had been at odds for a long time over child custody.

 Stephen Hensel visited Denmark in the summer of 2021 and stayed with his daughter Klara and son Theodor, who was ten years old at the time. It is believed that Johanna, his seventeen-year-old daughter, is accompanying him willingly. Greta, Christina Block's only daughter, lives in Hamburg with her spouse, the legendary Gerhard Delling, 64 years old. More than fourteen months have passed since she last saw her two youngest children.

Eugen Block, who established the first "Block House" on Dorotheenstrasse in Hamburg in 1968, is the father of Christina Block. The business has expanded into a massive conglomerate since then. Located on the Linke Weinzeile in Vienna's Naschmarkt, "Block House" is one of 55 locations around Europe. Just so you know, Christina Block is reportedly worth 1 billion euros.

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