In light of the new law on the official language of Andorra, Marine Le Pen brings to the notice of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs the possibility that the French language in the Principality of Andorra may diminish.

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen says, “This Andorran bill provides for the obligation to obtain an initial level in Catalan for new residents and for those who would like to renew their residence permit.

In addition to the historic attachment of French-speaking Andorrans to France which is manifested by a frequent and long-standing use of the French language, the President of the Republic also said he was in favor of the Banque de France being able to act as a lender of last resort and guarantee the ordinary liquidity mechanisms of the Andorran banking system. However, this law would also aim to involve institutions and businesses in the defense of the Catalan language, which, undoubtedly, would risk slowing down the use of French in major economic sectors such as tourism or the business world.

The MP would like to have the minister's opinion on this “Andorran bill relating to the official language and the potential harmful effects that it could have on the use of French in the principality” .

Marine Le Pen would also like to know what policy he intends to pursue in order to defend the French-speaking world and France's place in Andorra "territory of which we are the co-prince" and whether he intends to intervene directly with the Andorran Government.

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