Would you believe Henry Cavill as James Bond? The internet has been plagued by this theory for some time, and it may have even crossed Henry Cavill's thoughts. The actor was quizzed about this potential casting in a recent podcast.

Will Henry Cavill be the new James Bond?
[Henry Cavill]

We recently announced that Henry Cavill would no longer play Geralt in The Witcher series after the fourth season. A petition quickly followed, calling for Cavill's return and the series' creators to be fired. Meanwhile, there are rising indications that Cavill may soon play another renowned part. Finally, he discussed it on the Happy Sad Confused podcast: "I'm now quite busy. Barbara and Mike are both wonderful people... I'm not sure if I'll be considered for the part. However, the talk would be entertaining. And if they aren't, I just want to see who they do [the next movie] with because I think they're wonderful "Cavill stated on the show. The actor is alluding to Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson when he says "Barbara and Mike." For many years, the two half-siblings have been in charge of making James Bond films.

Cavill and the Bond rumors

Years ago, Henry Cavill was not necessarily opposed to the prospect of one day mimicking James Bond. This comment was also covered by us at the time. In its own post, Gamesradar mentions that Cavill was discussed as a prospective Bond in 2005. However, Daniel Craig was given precedence at the moment. Only time will tell if Cavill finally gets his opportunity to portray Bond. Even though other actors such as Idris Elba have been mentioned, he is now regarded as one of the most likely contenders.
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