On Wednesday evening, a warehouse in the Tannhöfe in Mönchweiler caught fire. Several pieces of equipment may have been preserved because to the farmers' brave action.

Burning warehouse in Germany : Hundreds of thousands of euros in damage
Burning warehouse in Tannhöfe, Mönchweiler, Germany

A huge fire has once again prompted the Mönchweiler fire department to respond. The alarm was made about 7:50 p.m. from an agricultural property in the Tannhöfe area: a fire had broken out in a warehouse.

The fire in the structure was swiftly established when the first trucks from the Mönchweiler fire department arrived on the scene. From a distance, a massive column of smoke and flames several meters high could be seen. As a result, the operations management promptly requested another fire engine from the St. Georgen fire department.

According to authorities, the fire on Wednesday evening destroyed agricultural trucks and equipment. Despite swift involvement by the fire department, much of the hall burnt down. According to reports, the owners were able to preserve some of the merchandise. Nobody got wounded. Property damage is estimated to be between 500,000 and 750,000 euros, according to police estimations. For the time being, the cause of the fire remained unknown.

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