Evdokia Tsagli was rescued from a burning wagon 3 in Tempi with mild head injuries and a damaged pelvis.

Evdokia Tsagli
Evdokia Tsagli

Evdokia Tsagli, a former Big Brother contestant, endured hours of anguish and misery before escaping unharmed from the blazing wagon when the two trains collided in Tempi.

Evdokia Tsagli is taken aback by the Dante's inferno she encountered when she stepped out of the wagon that other individuals experienced in their final moments. She was standing with her friends immediately before the crash, but thankfully for her, she was sitting in her coupe at the key moment of the hit.

Those who were standing in the corridor were thrown meters away and either seriously injured or killed. Evdokia Tsakgli sat in a fetal posture, instinctively protecting her body. As the wagon toppled, she landed on her forehead and nose. In a hurry, she managed to escape out of the wagon with her hair on fire.

Screams could be heard everywhere, and for as many passengers as could evacuate the specific carriage, there was another major impediment. Car 2 of IC62's train fell on top of another car, and the height required to reach salvation is tremendous. Those who panicked and leaped into the vacuum endangered their lives. Evdokia sought to make a statement by clinging to the exterior of the wagon and removing her jacket to fall more lightly. She shattered her pelvis in the fall, though. Then again, who doesn't? Others followed, but they were severely injured.
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