Musk and DeSantis have been called authoritarians by some detractors

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Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk

Two of the most influential persons in the United States are Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis. Tesla and SpaceX are led by Musk, while Florida is governed by DeSantis. Business experts have lauded the two guys for their innovative spirit and determination to shake up the industry. Some people, though, are worried that their connection might lead to disastrous outcomes.

DeSantis has received praise from Musk for his "leadership" and "common sense." DeSantis has said that he admires Musk's "vision" and "entrepreneurship." The two gentlemen have also been caught shaking hands and attending events together.

Musk and DeSantis have been called authoritarians by some detractors. They emphasise DeSantis's assaults on the media and his advocacy for measures to limit voters' rights. They also note that Musk has been prepared to restrict some things on his Twitter feed.

Those who disagree with Musk and DeSantis have said they are just being simplistic. They think the two guys just want less government involvement in the economy and citizens' daily lives.

Long-term effects of Musk and DeSantis's friendship cannot be predicted at this time. Nonetheless, the two guys are obviously quite influential. They have the potential to influence America's future if they keep cooperating.

Concerns about the influence of Musk and DeSantis' connection on the free market have been raised alongside those regarding authoritarianism. Musk has shown interest in perhaps taking Twitter private, and he is a significant shareholder. If he succeeds in doing so, he will have much greater sway over the dissemination of data on the system. DeSantis has also voiced his displeasure with large internet corporations and signed a bill that might make it harder for them to do business in his state of Florida.

The Musk-DeSantis alliance highlights the perils of unchecked power. Two influential people with shared values may make a big difference in the world. We must be conscious of this and on guard to defend our liberties.

Source: EUROPEANS24 

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