Wimie Wilhelm, a Dutch actress and director, has passed away at the age of 62, according to her agency. She was well-known for her performance in the police drama Baantjer as watch commander Els Peeters.

Wimie Wilhelm
Wimie Wilhelm

Richard Groenendijk, Eva Crutzen, and Rayen Panday were among the cabaret performers Wilhelm oversaw. 

Groenendijk comments on her passing on Instagram, "It is unbelievable." A happy, eccentric individual with a big heart who has room for plenty of people.

In addition to acting, Wilhelm was a theatre performer who appeared in Onder Vrouwen alongside MargĂ´t Ros and Bodil de la Parra. 

In addition, Wilhelm appeared in the films Zwartboek and Kruimeltje, as well as the TV shows Undercover, Gooische Vrouwen, and Bestseller Boy.

She described her time at Baantjer as "a very well-oiled machine, but it was also a warm bath" in 2018 on NPO Radio 2. "There were legendary parties, and we had a party for everything."

In her homeland of Amsterdam, Wilhelm passed away following a brief illness. A daughter and a sister are left behind by the actress.

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